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#1 2016-05-05 19:10:42

Lane Powell

Releases missing from database

Any plans to add proper SP mods like ne_dynamic and Qonquer to the main (searchable/tagable) database? I'd love to rate/comment on those.

Also someone get around to adding SM177_pack, I want to rate it just for digs' map. :)

#2 2016-05-21 16:43:10


Re: Releases missing from database

Lane Powell, you'll be happy to know that at least one of your wishes have been fulfilled. :)

#3 2016-10-26 01:12:31


Re: Releases missing from database

What's the case here?

I jumped into my archive and accidentally came across the Qonquer mod.
I was wondering if you're looking for maps that are not available or can't be found,
or is it that this site is for singleplayer maps only?

I'm willing to upload, so you can rage and rate it.
But my intention is suspecting this is not a mod site nor deathmatch archive.

Just my small concern.

#4 2016-10-26 03:03:05


Re: Releases missing from database

Madfox wrote:

not a mod site nor deathmatch archive.

"Quaddicted TODO

Not really a roadmap but a collection of projects to-do on the long run or to brainstorm in no particular order. Maybe something of interest for you?
• Make proper multiplayer archive. Get that archive added to the Injector for eg bot play."

#5 2016-11-01 05:50:34

Lane Powell

Re: Releases missing from database

@MadFox, I have both mods (ne_dynamic and Qonquer) myself; I was just wondering why they are not in the main (searchable, rate-able) database.  They are both single-player mods, and come with new maps. The case of Qonquer especially doesn't make sense, as Func Map Jam 5 *is*, and is technically an expansion/mapset for the Qonquer mod.

As a side note, I'm toying with the idea of making a set of maps for Qonquer--so I hope there isn't a specific reason related to the scope of the main single-player database that Qonquer wasn't included, and Map Jam 5 only *was* included because it would be weird to exclude a mapjam.

#6 2016-11-17 02:30:16


Re: Releases missing from database

@Powel - well.., happy that you do have the maps.
I found Conquer in a Rift map I received from Ijed.
It looks good, especially the monsters that come in on waves.
For me they're just studying objects what qc knowledge concerns.

The reason it wasn't included in my opinion is that it was a hard job for Spirit to get a clear view of what he wanted to archive.
The way Quake maps are distributed wanders along SinglePlayer -Deathmatch -Mods - Addons and Oddities that hardly have anything to do with Quake. So to get a decent catologue I think he concentrated on stricktly Singleplayer maps which gave this broad expantion of maps that sureley may not have gone lost. And it seems there are still lost maps wandering in the rigging of the web. While there are other archives already that have loads of them. Some of them still there, others gone.

For now I'm looking for the missing ones which sometimes end up with rarities I can hardly believe they were made back then.

#7 2016-11-23 19:22:56


Re: Releases missing from database

If someone compiles a list of direct download links (aka no Dropbox crap), I will add whatever was newly released or is missing otherwise.

#8 2016-12-10 02:13:20


Re: Releases missing from database

Here is a link for Qonquer.7z

A bit kinky as delete the .zip and extract with 7z
Only three extentions would allowed download.

Madfox changed this file by extracting this qonquer.7z from the excisting Rift Mod by Ijed.
I have asked no permission from Warren Marshal or Ijed,
but I hope they will forgive my gamepleasure!


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