JoeQuake is an improved NQ engine with plenty of ZQuake and FuhQuake graphical effects included. JoeQuake's main aim is to provide pleasant demo watching for .dem files. JoeQuake also supports better graphical quality including 32bit textures, colored lights, smoother animations etc.

Some features

  • only list special rare features here

Positives and Negatives

  • + Solid engine.
  • - Linux binaries are not updated.


TODO: Make new demos with screenshot triggers to automate this. demo1 als id1, marcher,honey (limits), ?

Engine-specific notes



Version Date Filename Source
v0.14b839 15-07-2005 Not available!
v0.15b1146 21-10-2005 Not available!
v0.15b1146 21-10-2005 Not available!
v0.15b1189 03-12-2005 Not available!
v0.15b1331 09-05-2006 Not available!
v0.15b1862 12-10-2007
v0.15b3798 24-01-2013

Technical features

  • Gamma: unknown
  • Overbright lighting: unknown
  • Fullbright textures: unknown
  • Real-time lighting: No
  • Coloured lights (.lit file): unknown
  • .ent file: unknown
  • Interpolated model animation: Yes
  • Waterwarp: unknown
  • Particles: unknown
  • Transparency (.alpha key): unknown
  • Skybox: unknown
  • Fog: worldspawn, unknown
  • DP_ extensions: None
  • TQ_ extensions: None
  • Client-side QuakeC: No
  • External textures: unknown
  • Default heapsize: unknown

File formats

  • Textures: unknown
  • Models: mdl
  • Sound: wav
  • Resources: pak
  • Dzip: Yes


  • In-game video mode switching: No
  • In-game mod switching: unknown
  • Tab-completion: unknown
  • Completion of filenames: unknown
  • Centerprint logging: unknown