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Quake Capture: Overview

Quake Capture is a patch that adds capture functionality to modified Quake1 and Quake2 engines. It was written for machinima purposes, but could also be used for engine mod demos, and other fun and games.

  • The patch works with both the Quake1 and the Quake2 engines.
  • It should be easy to integrate into existing engine mods.
  • Captures any supported resolution at any reasonable framerate. (Processing does not have to be performed in realtime.)
  • On Win32 platforms, supports capture using any AVI codec.
  • On all platforms, supports capture of TGA screenshots.
  • Architecture supports extension to further capture formats.
  • Support for convenient capture of existing demo recordings.
  • Targeted at GL only, does not support software rendering.
  • Live gameplay can be captured, but using demo recordings is preferred.
Change history
  • 2004.08.01:
    • Added capture_dir console variable.
    • For Quake2: capture now respects use of timescale.
  • (2003.09.xx:
    • The Machinima Production Kit includes a version of Quake2Max, patched with QuakeCapture including capture_dir.)
  • 2003.09.11:
    • Original QuakeCapture release.