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Unofficial Tenebrae builds

What is it?

Unofficial builds of Tenebrae, a Quake source modification.


Latest CVS build (415,355 bytes, last modified 22 Jan 2005 04:52:04 EET)

Different optimization levels:

It seems the full optimization version doesn't work for everyone, but the size optimization one does, so please try it. The SSE versions need Pentium 3/4 or Athlon XP/64/Opteron to work.

In case someone is missing an universal binary version for Mac OS X, one can be found here.

Tenebrae 2 CVS build (334,652 bytes, last modified 29 Nov 2004 04:24:25 EET)

I hope that's clear enough :)


2007-05-07 01:11
            * Added Mac OS X universal binary I had lying around in case
              someone wants one. Recompiled it with the latest Xcode
              version (2.4.1).

2005-01-22 04:53
            * Just testing builds from Visual Studio 2005 beta, no other

2004-11-29 02:53
            * Charles implemented nice post-processing effects for the ARB
              path (see post* cvars). For NVidia cards use -nonv3x command
              line switch to get it to use the ARB path, Radeons use it by
              default, gl_postprocess 0 turns it off, values 1 and 2 have
              slightly different results.

2004-11-07 20:24
            * added a few builds of Tenebrae 1 with different optimizations.

2004-08-27 18:39
            * fixed ARB fragment program path to work with Catalyst 3.8
              and newer, the driver miscompiled the old shader due to
              some left over unused fog variables.

2004-06-20 00:42
            * fixed broken EXT_stencil_two_side code so shadows should be
              ok now with NVidia cards too.

2004-06-14 01:23
            * added some two-sided stencil code to the Tenebrae 1 CVS build

2003-09-16 21:51
            * some more work on the experimental build, small changes here
              and there

2003-07-23 12:48
            * got myself a FX 5200 yesterday and coded a quick NV3x path for
              it as the card is very slow using ARB path and not much faster
              with GF3/4 path. I got some 10-15% improvement over either path
              with this so I guess it was worth it. So feel free to test
              the experimental build.

2003-07-14 18:57
            * ugh, not another Tenebrae release with a bug in ARB code...
              This time all maps without fog defined lack all dynamic
              lighting unless they use fog_enabled 0 or -noarb which
              forces Radeon/GF3 path. The experimental build here has
              that hopefully fixed, but it also has some cleanups I made,
              which aren't quite ready for CVS, so ... 

2003-06-26 02:27
            * Charles has been busy so a new Tenebrae 1 CVS build is in
              order, this time with a long awaited support for original
              Quake protocol demos and mods.

              Some other (non-)visible fixes and features are (courtesy of
              Charles' CVS comments :)
                    - Changed pack loading order (Fix for Hipnotic, check in
                      new packs first then the old ones)
                    - Fix for mesh model drawing
                    - Fix bug with instants becoming invalid
                    - Fix for rotating brush models
                    - Fixed nasty bug with entities with flags (grenates,
                      rotating weapons,...) not casting shadows
                    - Experimental dynamic vid mode switches
                    - Fixed new particle effects overflowing network packets
                      when much particles are spawned at once
2003-06-03 21:11
            * a newer CVS build of Tenebrae 1, this time mostly because I
              switched to Visual Studio .NET 2003. The other small changes
              are support for top-bottom TGAs from Lord Havoc and a 
              further fix to the "Radeon smoke bug", namely light color.

2003-05-07 22:07
            * made a Tenebrae 2 CVS build available in request of Andrew
              Scagnelli (lilblackdemon in the Tenebrae forums). It contains
              only the stuff in the CVS, so you can't actually run it as such 
              probably without some datafiles from Charles. So unless you
              know what you are doing, don't even try it yet. We'll make
              a proper beta in time.

2003-05-01 03:01
            * a newer CVS build again, mainly due to the infamous "Radeon
              smoke bug" which is now finally fixed. Some other changes too,
              bumping the network protocol number to 667 thus making the old
              demos not work. It might be good to download the 1.04 beta too
              to get some updated data files too (fixing the other infamous
              bug in E3M3). 

2003-04-06 04:30
            * a new CVS build again, this time actually fixing the 
              ARB path...

2003-02-12 00:20
            * uploaded a new CVS build for people with Radeon 9500+ and
              having funny looking walls, there was a typo in the shader
              code, which effectively disabled them. Also other fixes made
              after 1.03 release are in, especially in MD3 support.

2002-12-30 22:09
            * accidentally left some sanity checks into the ARB code which
              are triggered from the other code, temporarily disabled those

2002-12-30 20:48
            * updated with latest CVS stuff including various fixes,
              especially on MD3 support
            * progs.dat updated to CVS, includes separated flare and grenade
              launcher (yay!)
            * new experimental ambient/luma pass code for
              ARB_fragment_program path (Radeon 9500+ at the moment)
            * Removed the old Radeon code as it didn't seem to have any

2002-12-11 20:34
            * seems the new Radeon code in 1.03 crashes some machines with
              8500 (of course no one mentioned this to me _before_ the
              release... Well this build uses the slower old code by default,
              -newradeon switch turns the new faster code on. The old code
              seems to have problems with _some_ filtered lights, eg. some
              of the lights in the elevator of Willi's testmap (the bottom
              light casts light on the elevator, the others don't... really
              no idea why...) Anyway, please let me know if this fixes the
              crash or not.

2002-12-02 08:36
            * made a build for Idiot (yes, he insists on being called that)
              with Adam's transform interpolation code, link above

2002-12-02 04:24
            * ok it was just the ancient flex I had at first (damn Symbian
              SDK...), works fine now. Remember to make a search and replace
              "emmiter" -> "emitter" on your particle files.

2002-12-02 04:07
            * CVS update to get Charle's latest stuff in. Includes:
              - cleaned up mesh loading code
              - limitations to mirror drawing distance
              - particle script can now be in a pak file

              This version still wants particle files to use the typoed
              command "emmiter" instead of correct "emitter" because the
              flexed file wasn't updated in CVS and my version gave nothing
              but parse errors... Will try to fix that.

2002-12-01 11:50
            * move directory ahead of pak files in search order, allows
              regular files to override paks

2002-11-30 22:49
            * CVS update to get Charles' fixes, mirror bug, caustics on
              glass and teleporters and removing decals with zero vertices

2002-11-30 02:15
            * updated progs.dat from CVS to include Adam's fixes for
              misc_model and non-bleeding switches

2002-11-29 23:40
            * draw particles with two triangles as a quad instead of one
              triangle wasting fill rate

2002-11-29 22:53
            * added command line parameter -anisotropy to control anisotropic
              texture filter level

2002-11-29 18:27
            * update progs.dat to include hipsound.qc, fixes ambient sounds

2002-11-29 17:17
            * CVS update to get Faded's md3 fix in

Something to say?

You can contact me by email or from my actual home page.

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