Quake for S60 3rd edition FP1

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Version 1.01 is out. No new features, but slightly more speed and a fix to the slider issues in options menu. Also loading/saving should now work properly. If you had a savegame problem, be aware that the previous version actually corrupted the save file, so saves from previous version still do not work. A big thanks for the people who reported these problems and tested the fixes.


I guess that the title says it all. This is a port of the infamous first person shooter for the S60 3rd Edition FP1 based phones. The only thing that is not working is network play, but I did not see it really very important feature as I already have a working QuakeWorld client which works much better in a mobile network(and in general is better multiplayer game..). So just hunt a Quake datafile and head to the download area to get the binaries..