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DispEd is a utility designed to be used with Valve's Hammer editor to allow various customisable geometric shapes to be created using Displacements for HL2 and CS:S maps in the style of the Patches of the Q3 engine. The built-in editor for displacements is great for editing terrain but not so good for precise shapes. DispEd is designed to address this issue by allowing the creation of -

  • 2d Curves
  • Arches
  • Bevels
  • Triangles
  • Corners
Each shape is simply exported as a VMF Prefab ready to be used in your map. The size, arc etc. of each shape is customisable in the editor.

Latest Version
V0.41 (27/6/2005) Download [58k]

Previous Version
V0.3 (6/6/2005) Download [58k]

NB: DispEd requires the .NET Framework 1.1 available via Windoze Update. Use of DispEd is free provided credit to the author is given in any maps it is used for. I'd be interested to hear of any weird stuff produced using the app :>


Version History

V0.41 2/7/2005
REALLY fixed culture probs with decimal values!

V0.4 27/6/2005
Added 3d view (a bit crap though)
Fixed writing out float values without hardcoding '.' with non-UK culture (thanks Firsak!)

V0.3 5/6/2005

Added bevel (tex alignment still a bit weird though...)
Added triangle
Changed buttons
Can set power
Displays version in about box
width/height now has dropdowns
Shows XZ/YZ views

V0.2 2/6/2005
Saves output with dialogue to a prefab file.
Tarted up interface somewhat

V0.1 31/5/2005
Initial alpha version -
Arch, Curve, Bend, Rectangle

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