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2022-01-11 03:40:19

Whoo hoo!

Thank you SO MUCH Mr/Ms Guest!

TBH, I think I played around with Eric's tools way back in the day, & maybe under ToeTag (I've been trying to do this for YEARS without success)...

But I now have a compiled test map!

I really hope you're having a good day, cuz you just made mine!


...& I'm hoping to post my first map sometime soon (don't have much time for mapping, but at least I actually CAN now...!)


...& thnx again for bothering to respond!

2022-01-10 08:46:39

If you're following a tutorial, actually follow it to the end.
What you're looking for is these:
Presumably, "Darwin" is the option for you.

2022-01-09 22:57:18

Hi all-

Long-time fan, been wanting to do a map & haven't really been able to discover how.

Using TrenchBroom (previously tried ToeTag) & learning a lot.

My problem is that I cannot find the other tools to create a .bsp. Win developers seem to have a host of compilation tools at their disposal, but I've been unable to build a file with a simple room, lights & monster to load into Quakespasm.

Am I being stupid about this? I found some Mac tools (quake-cli-tools-1.2.1-macos), but it looks like uncompiled Python(?) with no instructions for what do do with them or how to integrate them into TrenchBroom...:-(

If someone could point the way to get my test map to compile, I would be most grateful... the meantime, back to Violent Rumble...& thnx!

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