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2022-03-13 23:26:52

Today i played this map and is great! the design and custom enemies are cool (and even it's amazing the fact of having a shark as enemy too). Keep the good job for the upcoming maps of "The Deep" [by the way, what's the name of this first map?]

2022-02-27 02:09:32

This map - 'Shadow over Innsmouth' - has some nice, green-looking Scrags; maybe you find them useful.

2022-02-13 20:40:41

Reminds me of the bio-tech visual theme from 'SOMA' - these tentacles represented the omnipresence of 'WAU', which was an artificial intelligence gone wayward; exemplary pictures here and here. One could say the premise of 'SOMA', was psycho-digital-somatic. First picture comes from the basic campaign, the second one, from a mod called Playable 2013 Teaser Map. The original teaser presented a more Lovecraftian and gothic vibe perhaps, than the game eventually served, but it all worked out in the end - it still revolved around the question of: what makes you human - in the world of technology?

2022-02-13 09:42:20

Yet another amazing sea monster Ray:



2022-02-03 21:42:23

RMQ demon.qc

void(entity attacker, float damage)    demon1_pain =
    // drowning?
    if (self.h2olevel >= 3)
        DeathBubbles (1);
        sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "player/drown1.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);    // FIXME
        // no pain anim
void() demon_die =
    // drowning?
    if (self.h2olevel >= 3)
        DeathBubbles (4);
        sound (self, CHAN_VOICE, "player/h2odeath.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM);    //FIXME
        demon1_die1 ();

2022-02-03 19:43:54

Speaking of the drowning effect and liquids in 'Quake', I know that in 'Copper' mod, the monsters do receive some damage from being submerged in lava, slime and such; although I am uncertain whether the monsters actually die from lack of air underwater.

2022-02-03 16:17:34

That's how the drowning of monsters without costumes in liquids was implemented in RMQ. When I was there, the demon fell into the water and first attacked me and then started blowing bubbles with a characteristic sound and then drowned.

And RMQ has a very interesting extended animation of monster models. The coolest monster and its animation is the zombie knight! It is implemented perfectly, but for some reason it is not used in any modification.

Here is the download link to the source of the qc-files of the RMQ mod: … sp=sharing

2022-02-03 11:00:22

The RMQ has "Dweller" - "a new monster that walks on land and swims in water"
Also Madfox created  edit of it: … threv=3874

2022-01-30 00:39:00

Today, I have seen the new 'Dune' movie, released recent year. I read the novel by Frank Herbert as well, but it was some years ago. The movie, is great, visually very impressive; the convoluted plot and deep lore, are presented in comprehensible manner.

Anyhow, why do I mention it in this thread? Each time I deal with 'Dune' universe, it makes me think about the value of water. Without water, life on Earth as we know it, would not exist - and in spite of that, Earth is still not the richest water repository within our Solar System.

What I believe about our species, is that we are highly driven by a desire to have access to fresh water supply; which makes Mars, a rather pity goal, compared to other, more distant places, which may be harder to get to, but more rewarding from natural perspective - unless we talk logistics. Pride of owning a water supply, must be greater than pride of owning a pile of dust.

Anyhow, water is one thing, but fresh and drinkable water, is another. Once I took a quiz on ecological awareness and it shook me how much of the water on Earth, is actually drinkable and readily accessible. Let me spoil it to you: it is less than one percent.

2022-01-29 22:25:05
Andrew wrote:

a large anchor that lies on the seabed!

Yeah, a nice decoration idea!

Unless you mean some kind of treasure that lies in the depths?

2022-01-29 20:11:15
triple_agent wrote:

The mod is authored by 'basementApe', a member of this forum...

And I know it's his mod. I just always communicate on forums respectfully using not the pronoun not "you" but "you" (in English it is unfortunately written the same way). :-)))

That's what this modification lacks: a large anchor that lies on the seabed!

2022-01-29 18:53:01

In this thread, someone was asking about mods offering 'Descent'-like gameplay, with six degrees of freedom in movement. The thread went down the rabbit hole on how to perhaps provide such feature in 'Quake' and one of the suggestions, was to incorporate a variant of water environment for the sake of that pursuit. The map you suggest, 'qazzaq', appeared as one of references in the discussion.

Anyhow, I do not personally like 6-DOF shooters all that much.

Otherwise than that, "The Deepness Below" is certainly a great study for developers of "The Deep Mod"! I am uncertain whether the subjects correlate, but the theme, is certainly there.


Damn, I must have missed that map somehow, thanks for reminding, 'qazzaq'!

2022-01-29 15:49:03

The mod is authored by 'basementApe', a member of this forum.

I do not do anything.

For the names; if you name a thing too close to something else more recognizable, your thing could be evaluated in reference to that other thing, so the question is, is it beneficial?

The latter, could perhaps also happen between "The Deep Mod" and "The Dark Mod", but since these projects have little in common, I think it is unlikely they will be compared anyhow.

"The Deep Mod", even though an abstract name, sounds not too generic.

That is my opinion.

2022-01-29 15:31:11

When I first launched "Bioshock" I just sat with my mouth open and wandered through half-flooded locations. The developers seemed to know what I needed. And I remembered about the abyss from the wonderful film of the same name. In general, as you call the mod, so I will accept it. After all, this is your creation and not mine. :-)

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