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2022-06-20 16:15:16

would be cool to spot the first revision of Goedtke's "My World Is Your World"

2022-05-15 16:30:21

Thanks, I uploaded the DM maps to

2022-05-11 10:10:18 is already on Quaddicted:

There's another thread for suggesting new additions: … d=636&p=21

2022-05-10 13:15:06

Hello, I've found today three maps made by level-designers to apply for the job at 3D Realms back in 1997-1998 years.

I did not find them here at maps page, so I'd like to suggest to add them or try it by yourself (in case if its legal rights issue to do so).

The maps are posted here -

And direct links to download:

Matt Wood DM map Station -
John Anderson DM map jacastle - … (so good level-design, and its 1997!)
Martin Goedtke SP map iam1 -

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