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2022-08-01 15:47:21

Uh, thank you, i will have a read.

2022-08-01 13:56:20

Differences seem to be listed at Honey's Slipseer page:

2022-08-01 13:14:12

OK, ty

2022-08-01 13:13:36

I haven't really played the 2022 version, just poked around a little bit. It's mostly the same as original, just perhaps slightly tweaked and polished here and there, sort of like original Dimension of the Past from 2016 was updated for 2021 re-release.

The 2022 Honey has a new ending though.

2022-08-01 13:00:20

Hi there!

What are the differences between the original and the 2022 version? At the bottom it says there where some redecorations and wall shifting, but is it an updated version or a different interpretation?

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