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2023-06-23 20:48:40

Mjolnir is out!! I wonder why nobody posted nothing about it. Here's the download link: … 6lnir.243/

I hope Qmaster, Tronyn or other people involved in the project will make a thread/updated the old one to announce the release. Quaddicted admins should post this in the news, this is a very good news, I've almost lost my hope and I was thinking this was a Duke Nukem Forever part 2 ;)

2023-04-06 09:36:20
Anonanerson wrote:


Never ?

2022-12-26 01:18:31


2022-12-23 17:14:18

Very excited about this release!

Alex Ros
2022-12-15 12:54:14

You better hurry up mr. Tronyn. My majesty was waiting for Mjolnir for too long. We (our majesty) can't wait any longer. We need it. Now! I want to wake up tomorrow and see it on my desktop, already downloaded. We need our precious

2022-11-04 14:01:16
mfx wrote:

It is true, all of it

I have no doubt the project exists and is as ambitious as I've come to expect from Tronyn. Given that it was supposed to be released in 2021, I meant to say that I hope it's really around the corner this time.

As a side note, since the file size will undoubtedly be huge, torrents would probably help.

2022-11-02 22:37:45

Everything I've seen of this project so far has looked absolutely incredible and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Glad to see it's getting closer to release!

2022-11-02 18:04:53

It is true, all of it

2022-11-02 18:04:30

Great news! I can barely wait!!

2022-11-02 09:33:11

Please please pleaaaaaaaaase let this be true ....

2022-11-01 08:03:11

Woot! I inlined the image and promoted this to a news post. Looks crazy!

2022-11-01 07:25:53

Happy Tronyn's resurrection on Halloween!


2022-11-01 01:24:48

Looking forward to it, these are exciting times for Quake. Good luck on the release!

2022-10-31 22:12:24

Looking forward to hearing more Tronyn! I know this will be epic.

2022-10-31 20:43:16

Hi everyone, just posting to let you know that the ancient undead Quake mod, Quake: Mjolnir, still isn't dead yet, and should actually be released (in its first version anyway), pretty soon! Happy Halloween:


(feel free to spread this image/poster around far and wide!)

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