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2022-11-18 17:16:38

This is a fun little addition to my wad folder. GG

2022-11-18 03:49:23

If you want that specific font from Deluxe Paint:

2022-11-18 00:15:47

Disappointed by often simplistic community made special textures and inspired by clip and trigger textures from the base game I set out to make the rest of them in the same style. This means that I used unused textures as a base and the same font.

I had to take some liberties with the font since I did not have all the letters in my sources. And for slimeskip I did not have an unused slime texture so I had to use the one from the base game.


As I said in the readme you don't have to credit me for using these. I just wanted to share not hoard them. All the credit goes to Adrian Carmack really. …

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