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2022-12-02 17:39:06

there is no .mip file format, only bsp/wad chunks.

uint32 width, height;
byte imagedata[width*height];

char name[16]; /*dupe of the wad's name,  hopefully*/
uint32 width, height;
uint32 offset[4]=
{ /*hacks assume this, so expect breakages if you vary from this*/
byte mip0[width*height];
byte mip1[width/2*height/2];
byte mip2[width/4*height/4];
byte mip3[width/8*height/8];

all pixel data are 8bit indexes into the single palette.
note that conchars, palette, colormap, and pop.lmp lumps/files are headerless and thus neither qpics nor miptex lumps, even if the wad file implies otherwise.

2022-11-19 04:05:42

Thanks. This changes everything. I planned to do .png to .mip first because that always bugged me. Add more formats as I go along. Then much later look into .wad and .bmp and maybe make it like Slade in a way. Add color translation because I think that is really neat.

2022-11-18 23:03:05

Maybe there is info on ? is sadly missing any content so far. has source code in the zip that has mip code.

2022-11-18 18:29:26

I'm writing an image converter in C# and I need some documentation on Quake's .mip images.

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