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2022-11-27 19:37:14

Thanx Ill dig into it, never tried TyrQuake engine before- Seems the console command is "r_lockpvs 1"

2022-11-27 13:38:10

You can lock the current PVS in some engines and look around. Maybe that would help debugging? I am not sure what the cvar was but TyrQuake definitely has that feature.

2022-11-26 11:28:50

I'm doing a map that´s basically designed to be lightweight so it runs on old retro PC setups as well as othe platforms from the 90s (basically borderline too weak to run Quake). Anyhoo, when I test my map I run it in WinQuake with r_numedges 1 to check how much its drawing and what I see doesnt make sense to me, so Im assuming the PVS arent at all what I think they are.
I use Trenchbroom 2022.1 for map creation, ericw tools for compiling (with ne_q1sp compiling GUI).
Map has no leaks so no pts file is generated. I haven't figured out how to generate a .prt file. I can see that Trenchbroom can load a prt file...
Also, are Hint brushes a thing in Quake 1 or just later versions? Can't find anything about hint brushes in Trenchbroom.

Any help that points me in the right direction is appreciated.

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