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2023-05-02 16:20:47

I published a post here - … ng-owners/ - and I am getting in more detail about the transition and some behind-the-scenes facts.

2023-05-02 11:51:59

Thanks, Spirit, for taking over the website and keeping it alive! It's also an honour for me to have it hosted with you.

It's been fun to maintain it, to unearth old mods, old content, interviews, and even older source code. At some point I started working on a TC, called QRe, based on Darkplaces. I remember playing with Q3Map2 and effectinfo.txt. It looked awesome (for the time).

I also worked on OpenQuartz 2 for a bit. It was the time when MHQuake would post on his Blogger website daily updates. It motivated me.

I'm glad I was able to keep the site up and running for so long, and I feel now it's safe here.

2023-02-13 18:50:38
Spirit wrote:

.NET is not .ORG ;) = the actual editable-by-anyone wiki = Chip's site where he collected loads of stuff, posted news, etc

Duh! I'm a doofus. Thanks for the clarification.

2023-02-11 23:01:03

.NET is not .ORG ;) = the actual editable-by-anyone wiki = Chip's site where he collected loads of stuff, posted news, etc

2023-02-11 20:14:56

So we can't edit it any longer? The last time I tried to Spirit was doing something at the same time on the same page! I heard Twilight Zone music and got pretty mad at the site when it wouldn't save my changes. I for one, use Quake Wiki quite often. I'd hate to see all its functionality disappear.

2023-02-05 17:14:40

Some time last year Chip/Ciprian approached me about hosting an archive of Today I finally finished fixing some broken download URLs and it feels ready now. \o/ was launched in 2009 and has been a cherished "competitor" on the more mod-y site of Quake. Chip hosted many mods, collected images and videos and unearthed a mass of content from the PlanetQuake archives and other ancient sources of Quake's early community days. In 2011, hosted a fantastic QuakeExpo. There is much much more but maybe *you* also want to share your favorite memories about the site?

The site is supposed to be in a read-only state but some features are hard to turn off without removing content from the site (e.g. ratings). If you are a Wordpress wizard and/or experienced with turning sites into static, plain-HTML copies while keeping all URLs alive, please shout! Otherwise it will happen "some day"(tm).

Thanks Chip, for trusting me to keep your site online. I feel honored!

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