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2023-04-14 12:19:13

@Esrael, thanks!

Tne next version is going to be enjoyable.

2023-04-14 07:45:49

Glad to see you back, Baker! As a huge fan of the original software renderer looks, Mark V Winquake has been one of my favourite ports! But ever since the days of Tenebrae, I've also liked the "HD Quake" looks, as well. So, I'm looking forward to giving Zircon a try. The fact that you've made the menus work with Windows scaling is such a life-saver. The broken menus kinda ruined Darkplaces for me.

2023-04-13 21:16:54

Totally fine Spirit, I missed that there was a engine section!  (Or was that added very recently)

jakub1 and others here have been giving me high quality beta testing.

If you and dumptruck weren't still around, I may have decided to do something non Quake like with Godot 4 or something.

2023-04-13 17:53:40

Totally missed that this was a news submission, sorry!

Holy crap, welcome back Baker! <3

2023-03-26 05:02:29

I tried to create the coronas seen through walls thing in Zircon by setting Lighting High, which sets r_coronas to 1.  I went to several places with torches.

I was not able to cause the problem.

Is this problem only limited to unreleased DarkPlaces like the Jan 2023 build or should I be able to cause this somehow?

2023-03-25 18:36:55

If I type "map e" and press tab it fills in e1m1 in the console.  If I press tab it says "map e1m2"

Or I type  "exec d" and press tab it fills in to"exec default.cfg"

2023-03-25 17:54:21

Hi Baker, I am maybe an idiot, but what autocomplete means?

2023-03-25 10:13:47


I am making autocomplete better.

What autocompletes would make life easier?  I am having "save", "load", "exec" autocomplete for example using the save games in paths.

But some DarkPlaces users probably use features I do not think about often.

Anything that if it autocompleted would help?

2023-03-25 01:19:36

Mods menu item in main will need to look nice and natural.  If I can think of way to achieve that ...

(I only do things if the result can look nice).

2023-03-25 01:15:55

I'll think about the mods thing.  how can I duplicate corona issue? need  to cause it to examine it.

2023-03-24 22:45:44

Nevermind, just found. It would be cool to add a mods selection menu (not from console, but from main menu) like in Quake rerelease and recently in Ironwail. Will the coronas that are visible through walls (my most hated DP bug) be fixed?

2023-03-24 22:40:51

How I can access the maps menu?

2023-03-24 10:43:50

An alpha 6 with new features including a maps menu is available:

2023-03-14 08:46:26

Dp had an editor for rtlights....what about an editor ti make colored lights (.lits)?

2023-03-12 15:47:29

I found that starting DarkPlaces in fullscreen mode on Windows sometimes you have to click the mouse before DarkPlaces receives keyboard or mouse input.

I just resolved this.

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