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2023-03-19 21:49:15

Added a preview mod cover in full size with a double click.
I seems to have done everything he wanted. If there are no bugs, this is the final version.

2023-03-18 17:56:06

The cover for the mod is now saved at 640x640 (was 256x256). For monitors with DPI greater than 125%, the cover now looks more crisp.
Made a few minor fixes.

Updated download link

2023-03-18 00:30:35

Corrected the mistake. If the user deleted the mod folder manually. When loading the launcher, mods were assigned the wrong folder names to launch.
Just replace QMLauncher.exe with the new version.
If you have already removed mods manually from the game folder, you will have to remove the mods from the list and add them again.

Updated download link

2023-03-17 18:36:01

The cover saved with a resolution of 256x256 in jpg format.
Cover, map list, description, mod name are stored in mod folder in files QMLModImage.jpg and QMLModData.dat.
You can use your default cover. Place a .jpg file named QMLlogo.jpg in the launcher folder and the launcher will use it as the default cover.
The image must be square otherwise it will be distorted.

I can make the cover save with a higher resolution. 500x500 or more. If it's necessary.

2023-03-17 16:15:36

Hey motorboy, I tested QMLauncher.exe with QuakeSpasm-Spiked with Play_Q and TribalFX, it works! What's the default image size for mod cover?

2023-03-16 22:39:50

Launcher for Quake and Quake2.

Allows you to attach a picture for each mod, as well as add a description.
Allows you to run a random mod, map, and difficulty.
You can include your own music. Supported formats .wav, .flac, .ogg.
There is Russian and English localization.
I did it for myself because I got tired of writing batch files and I have accumulated a lot of installed mods. It is difficult to remember which folder belongs to which mod.
Decided to share. Maybe someone will come in handy.
Copy to the Quake or Quake2 game folder and run it.

Download link v1.03 … sp=sharing

Screenshot … sp=sharing

For those who will use this launcher.
If there are any errors, please report. I will correct.
If you want to add or remove something from the launcher - write.

I am sorry for my English. This is a google translation.

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