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2023-06-05 19:22:33

I thought about it. But my programming knowledge is not enough for this. I can only integrate the QuaddictedTool utility.

Maybe I'll do that in the next version.
Or I'll make two versions with and without QuaddictedTool.

The download link was not working. Fixed.

2023-06-05 17:11:53

If you could integrate the Quake Injector database into this, it would be truly amazing.

2023-06-04 19:26:53

Added a pop-up menu when right-clicking in the mod list.
The menu has items:
Open mod folder.
Search by mod/map name on Google and Youtube.

Added global hotkeys for music (works only when the game is running).
Shift+PageUp/PageDown - volume up/down.
Shift+Home - play/stop music.
Shift+End - next track.

In the search window (CTRL+S) - you can now search for both mods and maps.

Minor fixes and optimization.

Updated download link

2023-05-26 21:19:18

In the requirements (Window for adding/editing a mod) you can now select any folder with the installed mod.
For example, to run a map that requires Arcane Dimensions - after installing the map in the edit window, select
in the requirements menu a folder with Arcane Dimensions (ad).
The command line will look like this "-game ad -game ad_map"
Tested and works with Quakespasm,Quakespasm spiked,Ironwail,FTEqw engines.

For each mod, the last selected map is now remembered.
In the mod sorting window (CTRL + S) added sorting by name.

Minor fixes and optimization.

Updated download link

2023-04-21 21:11:59

Added sorting window Ctrl+S in the main window.
Sort the list CTRL+↑↓ or CTRL+mouse wheel.

Changed/added hotkeys:
Main window:
Sort the list CTRL+↑↓ or CTRL+mouse wheel.

Map editing window:
Sort list CTRL+↑↓ or CTRL+mouse wheel, hide/show map - right mouse button.
Changed the mechanism for hiding maps in the map editing window. If you already have hidden maps, open the map editor and save your changes.
After rescanning maps, all edits and sort order are now preserved. Only new ones are added or missing cards are removed.

Added hotkey hints to windows where they are.

When installing from an archive, if next to the archive there is a .txt file and a .jpg file with the same name as the archive, the description and cover of the mod are taken from these files.
The first line in the .txt file is considered the name of the mod.

Minor optimization and fixes.

Updated download link

2023-04-07 23:43:27

Added the ability to unpack data from the archive to the selected folder.
Added a search for a mod in the list (if there are a lot of mods in the list) - Ctrl + f.

Updated download link

2023-04-04 21:55:32

Hey motorboy, mod cover of 5120x5120 loads fine in Windows 7, instant. I even tried this using external HDD connected via USB 2.0 (QMLauncher executed from HDD and cover loaded from HDD). All good!

2023-04-01 20:38:43

I want to know how quickly the cover and description are loaded in the main window when a mod is selected in the list. Are there any freezes on computers with low end processors?

2023-04-01 09:30:10

Thanks! I will be testing performance with my trusty ASUS X58L from 2008 and will report later. It's quite a capable machine since it sports an Intel Pentium T3400 (multiple cores) and 2 GB RAM (which is plenty to run any task), however I upgraded SSD to 32 GB from China recently so performance is bonkers now, actually. Unfortunately I re-sold my 15 y. o. original HDD (it started to fail) to some old folk to make good money, so I can no longer report legacy HDD performance. It's an awesome little computer and I can totally recommend it in 2023 for anything and everything, including QuakeSpasm-Spiked and Windows 11!

2023-03-31 20:40:07

Fixed several bugs.

It is now possible to hide maps in the map list. If you choose to launch a random map - hidden maps will not be selected.

Ability to install mods from a ZIP archive.

For each mod, you can set command line arguments.

Added hotkeys.
Main window:
In the list of mods, you can move the mod with the keys shift+↑, shift+↓.

Map list editing window:
You can move maps with shift+↑,shift+↓.
Hide the map - key (H), show the map - key (U).

Just replace the old file with the new one.

Updated download link

Who uses the launcher. Write how it works on low end computers. I don't have a chance to check it myself.

2023-03-24 22:46:15

In the add/edit mod window:
You can now select a game dependency (quoth,nehahra,hipnotic,rogue).
Shown in the mod folder selection list are only the folders that actually contain the mod and not everything as before.

Updated download link

2023-03-19 21:49:15

Added a preview mod cover in full size with a double click.
I seems to have done everything he wanted. If there are no bugs, this is the final version.

2023-03-18 17:56:06

The cover for the mod is now saved at 640x640 (was 256x256). For monitors with DPI greater than 125%, the cover now looks more crisp.
Made a few minor fixes.

Updated download link

2023-03-18 00:30:35

Corrected the mistake. If the user deleted the mod folder manually. When loading the launcher, mods were assigned the wrong folder names to launch.
Just replace QMLauncher.exe with the new version.
If you have already removed mods manually from the game folder, you will have to remove the mods from the list and add them again.

Updated download link

2023-03-17 18:36:01

The cover saved with a resolution of 256x256 in jpg format.
Cover, map list, description, mod name are stored in mod folder in files QMLModImage.jpg and QMLModData.dat.
You can use your default cover. Place a .jpg file named QMLlogo.jpg in the launcher folder and the launcher will use it as the default cover.
The image must be square otherwise it will be distorted.

I can make the cover save with a higher resolution. 500x500 or more. If it's necessary.

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