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2023-09-17 13:33:58

My pleasure! I usually just type 'quake' + the word 'manual' translated into the corresponding language in search engines' strings. Sometimes I take a mini-tour on Google Books too.

For those who are interested, here are a couple more books about Quake series:

2023-09-07 03:51:43

No problem @mariteaux, thanks for the input.

We're up to 65+ books/manuals/guides now. Great stuff!

2023-09-06 13:28:45

I have an old Quake book called the Unofficial Quake Level Design Handbook, which I picked up when dumptruck mentioned it being an inspiration for his mapping tutorials. It's one part qED tutorial (which was a level editor from the QME people) and one part higher-level mapping discussion with some Quake mappers of the 97 era (Levelord gets a chapter, as does Steve Tietze, who worked on Duke3D and Dissolution of Eternity). Mine was supposed to come with a CD with qED and sample maps, but it didn't.

There's still some neat ideas and tricks in it, but you can imagine it's pretty outdated. Still a fun read! Apparently my old blog post (not linked because it sucks) on it is one of the first few things you get when you look up the name on Google.

EDIT: Should've checked the link, you have it already, my bad. It's early over here.

2023-09-05 03:13:04

My goodness, that is an outstanding list @Geniraul! Thank you kindly.

Give me a day or two to process your books and add them to the list.

Out of interest, where and how did you do your searching?

2023-09-05 01:35:56

No problem, you are doing a great job. I went looking for some more books and had some very interesting findings.

In other languages:

In English:

2023-09-04 04:15:58


I have added the quake champions comic books, thank you @chad2.

I am pondering how to handle game manuals and must handle other languages, thank you @Geniraul. I have also found some german quake manuals on the internet archive. I hope to add manuals within days.

2023-09-03 14:18:32

Here are a couple of manuals for Quake games in other languages:

2023-09-03 10:20:10

I think including manuals in a separate category is OK. Since comic books are allowed to be in the list, I contribute link to Quake Champions 3-volume issue by Titan Comics:
P.S. Here's a link to a free digital version for people from other countries who cannot buy in because of war and pandemic —

2023-09-02 07:33:22

Yes, I think comic books count!

Also, I was thinking of including the books/manuals that come with each game. They don't have ISBNs, but many have been scanned and put up on the internet archive, etc.

I've also added Quake 4 books. There were only 3 I could find.

2023-09-02 06:55:05

Comic books count?

2023-09-01 06:18:53

Hi, do you know the titles of any books on quake (e.g. the classic series q1/q2/q3)?

I am building a list of all known books on quake here:

I want it to be as complete as possible, like the doom book list on the doom wiki.

I've been trawling the internet archive/amazon/retromags/etc for weeks and have about 25 books listed.

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