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2014-05-14 14:00:32

Ah, yes, that worked. Thanks man, I´ll try QuakeSpasm then.

2014-05-10 15:40:01

The RMQ engine is far from finished and currently not in active development. As it stands, QuakeSpasm is a much better choice for BSP2 levels. See if you can download it directly from here.

2014-05-10 12:56:21

Where exactly can I get the latest updates of this engine? I've found two different versions here:

and*checkout*/remak … ision=3736

The first website has version 0.85.3, dated Jan 25 2011. It comes with no support for mp3 tracks (it's forked from QuakeSpasm so I can't figure why). Vertical Sync does not work unless you configure your videocard settings, and some mods like Something Wicked don't run on it; the second map from Nyarlathotep doesn't work either.
Now, the one from is from April 1 2012 but is just the executable; it doesn't have any documentation, dll files and all that stuff that normaly comes packed with an engine port. It can run both Something Wicked and Nyarlatothep, but mp3 files are still unsupported and worst of all, it suffers from some kind of glitch that makes grenades clip through walls and floors. I probably wouldn't bother with this engine and go get QuakeSpasm instead, but where I live I cannot download anything from sourceforge :(

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