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2015-01-31 21:38:29
The video clearly take a look.
Glow rockets torches!
I just need to know what version of the game?
And thanks for the link , but useful! :)

2015-01-27 00:24:57

Hey, I just checked the latest proquake from , and you have to set "gl_fullbright 1" in the console to get fullbrights. You could also put that in a file called id1/autoexec.cfg I think.

You might also like quakespasm, the project leader is the same person as Hammer of Thyrion. (I also work on Quakespasm.) Another option is fitzquake mark v: … &start=507

2015-01-25 18:30:01

Hi guys!
Please help!
How to put the quake glowing torches and rockets at the port ProQuake?
Or advise port (modes) as for example: Hexen 2 - Hammer of Thyrion.
There are people paid attention, such as glow in the set of objects (mana, torches).
Help make a beautiful retro graphics!

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