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2015-05-11 15:40:51

There has been luck on a similar thread on QuakeOne:  to find Quake Mech 0.8. … ior-2.html

2015-05-08 23:56:29

Thanks for trying Spirit! =)  I'll keep searching for the next few days.  I haven't found anyone with these.  It's a shame such cool mods have died.

2015-05-08 16:30:33

Sorry, I spoke too soon. is not in the Fileplanet archive either.

2015-05-08 07:59:43

I should be able to get you in a few hours. The other I have to look for deeper. Interesting finds, thanks!

2015-05-08 02:36:00


I've recently discovered the gem Quake 1recently.  I never realised how amazingly modded it has been.  Would anyone have or know where I can download Quake Warrior ( … wdload.htm) or Quake Mech ( … atch69.htm). It would be so cool to try these!

Thank you to all who read this!

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