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2021-09-13 16:49:12

Here a small video from the upcoming "Moljnir Keep"mod.

2021-04-02 23:26:56
2021-04-02 15:29:12

Welcom to the machine.



Hipnotic Rogue
2020-10-14 12:57:25

Oh man!  There's some really cool work in this thread.  Have you ever considered making some good old fashioned machinima?  It's about time there's a machinima renaissance.  I mean, every other retro thing has been strip mined... be ahead of the curve. :P

2020-10-07 21:57:26


Playing the chainsaw blues!

2019-06-08 02:41:04

They keep coming.., resistance is futile.
This one is a convertion of the Q3 EliteForce, a great Mod!


2019-06-05 06:59:00

Then there are the azymuth profiles.
I was looking for a way to add a new skybox to Quake without loosing the original one.
So I made a static entity of a wide balloon that would fit over 1024x1024 and projected a skybox on it.
By using the 256 frame option of the entity it could turn around in its own surrounding.
Imagine yourself inside it as the azimuth turns around you.
It does jitter a bit but now I can make a map with more rooms than one skybox in it.
You can download the model on quaketastic.


As example I made a small capture of it on youtube.

2019-06-05 06:41:15

I made some progress on the chasm models by converting Faust
and Piggy

Also finally found the SailorMoon models from Nick Cureton I was looking for a long time.
They were packed in the Quake2 area so I had to merge the weapon model additional.
This wasn't so easy as it broke down the original skin file.
It take quite a hussel to manage this without a proper UV filter.


If you are interested in one of my models, give me a call and I'll send you the content.

2019-01-25 20:55:28
2018-11-09 02:52:53

After testing the madfoxed player in Deathmatch I saw it has not the same pose statement as the original.
There for it acts a bit kinky, and I have to repost the model again.
It still has a rough triverse movement, something I am not ready with.
So here is a new downlink :


2018-09-30 16:55:22

Dog jumping fishes.
That sounds cool ;)

Looking forward with what you come up with. Nice model Madfox.

2018-09-27 13:18:57

Thanks.., I'm still on stage of coding it.
Watermonsters tend to act rather dull,
as if they only attack when on the same height.

So for now they have a lame awareness when on surface level.
I think I let it make the dog_jump so it becomes a bit faster.

2018-09-26 17:46:23

More swimming monsters are always welcome.
Are you working on a map with Lampoonfishes already?

Keep up the good work!

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