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Johnison Boa
2016-07-09 22:56:54

thanks, I tested quake 2 and it don't liked me :P, so many shadows breaks my head.

2016-07-09 21:56:04

The Quake 2 equivalent of Quake's id1 directory is called baseq2, and yes, it also has pak files.

You'll probably want a modern engine to run the game.

Yamagi is a Quake 2 engine that has quite a good reputation (it seems to be kind of like the the Quakespasm of Quake 2) and runs on Mac OSX (and Linux and FreeBSD and OpenBSD and Windows). The Yamagi readme has very clear instructions on what you need to do, which files go where, etc. Unfortunately it looks like you'll need to compile it from source on Mac OSX -- hopefully that's not something that intimidates you...

Johnison Boa
2016-07-09 20:54:40

How I install quake II?... Uses ID1 or something like that? paks?

In my mac I want to install all Q2 directory.

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