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2016-09-21 21:28:48

You had me at decals

Baker The Non-Spammer
2016-09-15 01:00:04

Spike made an enhanced version of Quakespasm:

Release Post Version 1 @ Func
Release Post Version 2 @ Func

And it looks like he's has more features he's adding ...


1. Particle support
2. IPv6
3. Server heartbeat/server browser
4. Single port server
5. Alpha masked models support
6. Quake C extensions/extension system
7. Sends ProQuake angles to ProQuake servers
8. Decals (99% certain)
9. Other features in the readme

Very, very basic and low resolution example of weather effects possible


Screenshots posted by Sock helping Spike fine-tune things .... … oblem1.jpg … oblem1.jpg … blem4a.jpg … oblem2.jpg … oblem3.jpg

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