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charles the cat
2017-03-05 03:23:54

Darkplaces warpzones seem like a good bet, but there's zero documentation. I know they exist in Xonotic, but I have no clue if that's one of their team's features or one of LordHavok's.

2017-02-28 17:29:42

There are multiple portal gun mods that use Quake teleporter functions.

FTEQW and Darkplaces also support actual portals (in DP called warp zones). Try with a recent FTEQW. You have three weapons that look the same. Two are the portal modes, the other you can press and hold to grab and move monsters.

2017-02-28 11:36:11
charles the cat wrote:

Could the Quake engine support Portal[...]-style world portals? [...] Are there any mods that add them?

2017-02-28 05:00:17

I don't think it would be possible in QC, but I think it is possible. That said, you would have to modify the engine itself along with potentially creating your own extension to the BSP format as well as modifying a BSP compiler.

Despite the challenge, I would love to see that in the quake engine. It could open up a lot of possibilities, many of which would fit the Lovecraftian theme of Quake. It would be awesome to see maps sorta like Impossible: A New Reality:

charles the cat
2017-02-16 11:51:05

Could the Quake engine support Portal- or Build-engine-style world portals? Would such a thing be possible with QC? Are there any mods that add them? Thinking on the level of pure BSP geometry, it must be possible somehow.

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