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2022-09-30 13:59:11

Hrimfaxi's Frying obstacles [hrim_sp1] fix (.ent file)
- Lava elevator position fixed.

For QSS only (?)
Tested in:
Quakespasm Spiked win64 dev 11.08.2022 - OK
Quakespasm 0.95 - not working!


Bridge extending:

File: …  (14 kb)

2022-02-06 12:29:58

by Stephen Parker

map p1l3 fix (.ent file)


- fiends spawning in the air or ceiling
- player teleportation into the ceiling
- replaced wrong trigger secret to trigger counter after two hknights killing

maels02.jpg …
(7 kb)

2022-02-05 14:30:48

Yet one fix for Arcanum (final arcanum5 map).
Removed texture glitches on few brushes.
arc502rev.jpg …
(3.4 mb)

2021-12-26 19:05:33

Hmm. Seems to be thread is abandoned by author unfortunately.
There is another way to get some AD textures:

2021-12-26 18:12:17

those links are broke @qazzaq

2021-12-26 11:19:27
2021-12-26 10:54:33

Anyone have the Zendar and Eric´s The Underearth (ad_e2m7) hd packs?

2021-11-22 17:48:48

Fimg  is an powerful tool for .lmp editing
Look for it here:

As for md5 editing try to ask guys from quakeone or visit func_msgboard for help.

2021-11-22 14:22:52

Thank you, friend!

Yes, I have seen *.lmp armor files. And with what program can I open a *.lmp file and replace an image in it?

I'm glad that at least someone started working with MD5 models to add multi skins.

And these MD5 models with multi skins are supported by mods, otherwise everyone uses only MDL models? But unfortunately after converting to MDL they float along the vertices when moving and it all looks as if you are looking at the figure through hot and swaying air.

2021-11-21 16:50:59

I'm not using md5 models playing QSS due they overrides models and its skins in mods.
The only model with multi skins bundled in enhanced Quake is armor. Look at skins names:
That's the answer.
I'm just now created not existing two skinned ogre in md5 format for rogue by adding skin from Authentic Models for Quake (AMQ), Rev. #26: …
(280 Kb)

2021-11-21 15:13:00

I have already tortured myself to optimize unrealistically improbable movements and bones and align all MD5 models relative to the ground, especially after the death animation. I still can't finish editing the last three models.

But I have another question: How to add additional skins to new MD5 models?

Everything is clear in MDL models, but nothing is clear here at all. All the information about the skin and all the vertices is in the TMP file, but I do not know how to edit it. Therefore, I can only change the animation. Even changing the scale works only when you convert the model from a Blender to an MDL file. I probably just don't know a lot and don't know how to do it.
Can someone more competent tell me the right way?

And the textures are just wonderful! It's just a pity that they are for MDL models. (((

2021-11-19 15:13:23

Soul of Evil is my favorite Tronyn's mod. But its green models are absolutely unusual as for me and I'm using classic instead of them.
So  I'm just remove  dog, enforcer and soldier from SoE's pak0.pak w/o any harm for this mod and using next pack for the rest models. …
(0.9 Mb)

demon, shal, wizard by MG md5 to mdl modified by NightFright
reskinned by me
knight by Lunaran
shambler by skiffy with additional AD skin by sock.

!!!   This models incompatible with other Drake based mods using chainsaw!

2021-11-18 21:10:02

Nice! Can you make Soul of Evil skins for Demon, Wizard and Shambler (skiffy model, not Quake remastered?)

2021-11-18 21:09:26

Nice! Can you make Soul of Evil skins for Demon, Wizard and Shambler (skiffy model, not Quake remastered?)

2021-11-14 09:25:18

Original 44100 sounds by MG for (AD) Arcane Dimensions 1.81
and original models by MG of
demon, shalrath and wizard (md5 to mdl converted by NightFright)
with addditional AD skins

ad_shal.jpg …
(8.2 mb)

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