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Today 10:39:48

Fmb_SM40 from SM40 contest
by Mike Woodham

HD Textures

4POvFJ8.jpg … coPgAZar_X

Yesterday 16:21:28

damaul6 - Bestial Devastation
map for Zerstцrer
by DaMaul

zKdUmKx.jpg … M9dQWjwTGd-

2019-04-16 06:51:37

GTH (The Gateway to Hell)
prequel to CDA (Castle of The Dark Ages)
by JPL
HD Textures

6HC7pHC.jpg … IrEV2oDQWw

2019-04-12 17:10:32

mce - Ascending & Descending
by negke

HD Textures

bKOYBdV.jpg … Q7ElGTt4cs

2019-04-06 06:36:19

Added Little FAQ in post #1

2019-04-04 07:57:14

Thanks for making one of the best maps ever made even better!

I've run into an issue using quakespasm 0.93.1 under Debian. It seems I get a blend of old and new textures in some places, like in this screenshot (see how the left and right side of the arch differ):

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to install other textures or switch to a different engine?

(apparently the image does not show, here's a clickable link:

UPDATE: This seems to answer my question: … -overhaul/ ; I need to install every other pack available there. I'll try that ASAP.

2019-03-20 09:54:01

I did not play Quake from late 90's until 2017 when I eventually found out quaddicted and Arcane Dimensions. This guys still play Quake and still make something new for it, again and again.
Why are they still love Quake? It is the First? The Best? Couse it is our youthfullness? Who know.
Thanks for everything you do.

I spent three (!) hour to found all 50 secrets on just-released Forgotten Sepulcher and do not pity the time spent.
Unfortunately found it all again I coul not ;)


Here updated ad_sepulcher (The Forgotten Sepulcher)

HD Textures pack v.1.5 … sp=sharing

2019-03-16 12:33:05

In The Shadows  [version 1.1 Demo]
HD Textures pack for great (abandoned?) Sock's mod.


Texture splitted into two packs due conflicts of texture naming. Each map of ITS contains such textures, and to decrise size of TPack it was separated.

# its_textures_id1.pk3 - should store in your id1 folder, so textures can be acsesses for other maps.
# its_textures_its.pk3 - should store in your its folder (here textures with already claimed names). … sp=sharing

2019-03-12 12:48:18

Yet another white castle in HD

The Altar of Storms (ne_ruins)

QepkH7h.jpg … WynisvjAKL

2019-03-09 11:15:18

Just black and white.
sm193_bal (A Sip of Alkahest) HD Textures pack

9Huf86K.jpg … UtlOQE3DCf

2019-03-06 15:08:28

Thanks a lot for a feedback.

2019-03-04 20:57:57

These all look very nice. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

2019-03-03 16:09:25

Here is another jackboot HD Texture pack v.1.0 for map

- jjspq3 (Strength. Servise. Honour.) by Vigil

It covers also
- sm161_distrans (Dis_Topia)

- sm112_neg!ke   (Biting Toenails on Someone else's Bed)

that uses same textures.


Vised versions of maps are included.
Grab it: … sp=sharing

2019-03-01 15:43:00

CDA: Castle of The Dark Ages     HD Textures
95vDRcJ.jpg … sp=sharing

2019-02-23 07:04:59

Here completely reworked HD texturepacks for
Honey / ad_dm5 "the Mire" / func_mapjam1 "Honey theme"

ad_dm5 (the Mire)

v. 1.5 complete: … BKnHRq-frM

Please, remove any previous versions before install!

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