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2019-10-14 17:56:46

I tried to make Floyd HD skin for Rubicon2/RRP.

You might like it.

clIvqG8.jpg … 3J7_kSI5nj
(22 Mb)

2019-10-12 16:06:30

I very like QSS engine for all that can QS classic plus all, that can’t QS classic, but QSS do, especially for .pk3 and skin HD replacement for .mdl support. (I don’t really understand, why it two simply things still not realized in Quakespasm.)
   I want report/get help to fix one sadly bug in QSS:
On some maps models (monsters, ammo boxes, other entities) are stuck in ceiling and walls, or simply in air. Like this laser fences out of place on rub2m2 map:


Unexpected for myself, I found decision to solve it!
I just run QSS with

sv_protocol 999

Tested on Rubicon 2 and RRP and bug not happened.

Blood Vengeance
2019-10-08 09:37:11

Oh I like it even more, with that rusty look

2019-10-08 07:33:08

If You like new rubicon textures, You can also update textures for Bile Plant (warpb) of Warpspasm by Ijed.

Warpspasm by Ijed
HD textures update v.1.1

(updated to Rubicon textures v.2.0)

jA2EucZ.jpg … MmKAbEGqRn

(16 Mb)

2019-10-06 17:26:32

Rubicon One/Two Redux v.1.0


Please rename file



or in ...id1/textures/ folder

2019-10-06 14:57:13

swjam_maxx "Urine for a Treat"
by MortalMaxx

HD textures v. 1.0

4N4OMOa.jpg … FDQMRHr7U2
(17 Mb)

2019-10-04 08:55:03

Awesome. The only way it worked for me so far was to turn the .pk3 files into .zip files and unarchive them, and then merge them into the AD textures folder. Hopefully that way also works, even if it takes up more space. I don't know if it makes the game run slower or something.

2019-10-04 04:55:57

Not shure if it should work, but try run QSS with next parameter:

    ...\yourquake.exe -heapsize 512000

By the other hand, there is easy way to solve it - simply unpack few  .pk3 (it is usual zip file with renamed extention) files in separate folder, than pack it again (do'nt forget keep files in /textures folder inside pk3), making new arhives about one Gb in size.
Rarely may happen conflict " file allready exist" - just keep newer one.

2019-10-04 02:21:34

Oh no worries, that helps a great deal. Many thanks for that clarification qazzaq (and for your retexturing work)!

I'm trying now and got another weird thing to happen, with Quakespasm-Spiked this time, where I get the error message "error: out of handles" if I add too many .pk3 files to the id1 folder. Haven't seen many other posts about this after searching online.

2019-10-03 11:28:49

Damn, it is my fault! Usual Quakespasm do not recognise content, packed in .pk3, it can Quakespasm-Spiked and Darkplaces etc.
You should extract texturepacks into id1/ folder. Sometimes I write it in readme files. I should write it everytime.

2019-10-03 08:31:54

thanks qazzaq. I guess I just don't know what the "previously-released texture-packs" would be. If it means the QRP textures, I have those. If it just means have all the texture files in that nextgenquake thread are dependent on each other to work (so that you need them all together in the directory), I have all those files in the directory.

So it seems like I did it right but it's not working. Some levels are okay but many are not significantly changed. I'm also using Quakespasm and not Darkplaces. I understand if you're not really able to help. I just thought I'd post if anyone had a solution or similar problem.

2019-10-03 05:16:23

You did it all right.

But there is little remark: in her thred … -overhaul/

Talisa wrote:
"NOTE: these texture-packs do NOT include duplicate textures, meaning that you will need ALL texture-packs to have every single map in full HD.
if you play a map and find that not all textures are HD, make sure you have all previously-released texture-packs installed too."

That's definitely all, that You need to do.

2019-10-03 03:36:15
qazzaq wrote:

If You obtain all, specified in post#1, You should no have any troubles. What about Mac, hard to say, cose I'm sitting on Win.

I downloaded the files referenced in this link because I was just trying to get AD to work first before trying other single player maps. … -overhaul/

So I guess I'm just wondering if I have to download everything else you mentioned in this thread to get AD working. That would be fine; it just wasn't intuitive to me.

It's weird because my original quake game has HD textures but not AD.

2019-10-02 11:51:15

If You obtain all, specified in post#1, You should no have any troubles. What about Mac, hard to say, cose I'm sitting on Win.

2019-10-02 07:26:44

I've been having a lot of trouble getting all the AD textures to load right in the latest version of Quakespasm. (I have a Mac, for what it's worth.) I'm probably only getting like a 1/4 - 1/3 of them showing up on most levels. I put the .pk3 files in the AD directory and when that didn't work also in the ID directory. I also downloaded what seemed to be the relevant QRP files and put those in the ID and hipnotic folders respectively. Really not sure what could go wrong with such a simple installation process.. any ideas?

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