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2019-09-13 18:14:20

Added  troubleshooter on running
ad_sepulcher (The Forgotten Sepulcher)
in post #52

2019-09-09 07:00:09

Among old speedmaps there is many gems, like this Zer - themed map:

sm129_efdat (A Tribute to Manzer's Deceit) by efdat

1o74nu8.jpg … M1Lylwe5Oj
(9 Mb)
(Please update Your textures in Zer_xx.pk3 file!)

With modern maps, the opposite is true: among them there is bad.

2019-08-21 16:07:19

Quick fix for incredible texturepack by Talisa for Func Map Jam 9 - Contract Revoked map pack.

Here present Transparency fix v. 1.0 for grid textures.
Readme inside.


kDXBfu4.jpg … 3BoX0pvWJx
8 Mb

2019-08-17 12:01:33

dm6rmx (The Dark Portal)

Andrew "than" Palmer

HD textures v. 1.0
(dm5rmx HD textures are required)

vLQajsh.jpg … Pa_uGU9fGW
18 Mb

2019-08-14 06:58:32

dm5rmx (Round The U-Bend)
by     Andrew 'than' Palmer

HD textures v.1.0

vised version of map included.

BjRkaDZ.jpg … UFX3_nn7y7
18 Mb

2019-08-10 18:36:44

kpcn (Kartographer's Nightmare)



HD textures v. 1.0

Leave this map unfinished is a crime.

Adc5Z9W.jpg … Mpd15ZHeN3
14 Mb

2019-08-06 09:16:27

Little bit of Nehahra in HD
Arcane Dimensions related neh1m4 (Grind Core)

by DaMaul

HD textures v. 1.0

(IKbase HD Texturepack required)

vised version of map included.


B69ixCq.jpg … CE8X7PRVjo
7 Mb

I don't know who modified this map, but I think there is talented mapper, who can remake better maps from Nehahra for playing in AD mod, or any other popular mod for those, who don't like play all Nehahra levels, and saved at least czg's levels from oblivion.

2019-08-04 16:47:15

Glad You liked it. What about Nehahra? Good question indeed. I made textures for levels, wich I liked. At first I didn't like non classical levels for Quake (oldscool forever!). I disliked industrial Rubicon- and Quake 2/3- levels. But than I just tried it again, its like a coffee - bitter at first, but after You enjoyed beautifull taste. Similar here - we are seeing how different may be one thing.
But Nehahra... I tried to play this few time, and threw it on halfway.One, I noticed, that releasing textures for other maps, I automatical made most textures for Nehahra. I don't planning make it specially for this episode.
I'd rather adree with onetruepurple's comment about it thing: "Everything about this pack aged like fine milk. Vondur's and czg's maps remain great though."
So it goes, my dear friend.

There is one butiful thing: AD related version of neh1m4 by John "DaMaul" McCann.

Blood Vengeance
2019-08-04 01:04:46

Once again you've made an outstanding texture pack. If I can suggest another texture pack's........Nehahra! :)

2019-08-03 12:22:50

gmsp1 (COLONY)

by GlassMan

HD textures v. 1.0
vised map included

(Concentric Devastation (lunsp1) HD Texturepack required)


i4ZgEeM.jpg … O2z9kczVJD
45 Mb

2019-07-24 11:23:51

UDOB quick update v.1.1

Please remove from udob_HD_v.1.0_CV.pk3


+2light01l.tga … vVfWhGy_Kg
1 Mb

2019-07-24 08:45:37

Are You still playing?
Now try it in HD!

+end map for COPPER
Matthew "Lunaran" Breit | Sean "Scampie" Campbell

HD textures v. 1.0

remove from mod folder copper(udob)\textures
two files:


hUKADYy.jpg … NU9kJ2KLUx
177 Mb

Blood Vengeance
2019-07-20 19:59:55

Link for the texture pack: … aUZcTo_B3u

Link for the missing texture + credits: … WKlWDM8CHZ

Feel free to modify it as you want of course!

2019-07-20 18:51:20

Thanks for feedback.
I also thought to update IKbase textures, cause my texturepack undersized and has wrong color.
So, I'm waiting for mail or link to your file.

Blood Vengeance
2019-07-19 23:26:12

Wow, you are on a creative spree and you've done an excellent work as always. I've got a 99% complete IKbase (very faithful to original). is missing only a texture and few doors, if you want complete it i'll send you a link, is rotting in my hard disk since a lot of time and I'd love to see it completed

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