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2019-12-08 09:27:12

hwjam2 QuickFix

Solve conflict of duplicate texturenames  (it only happens with hd textures replacement used),
added some minor textures.

TQuOjix.jpg … 3R6oO77H92
(25 Mb)

2019-11-23 06:24:30

I agree about too red light sometime, but for oldscool-themed maps result is perfect. Otherwise, pop-art in thread to ;)
I don't even try to colorise modern (2014+) maps. Now as default maps goes vith coloured lights, and when it not, I thnk, mapper didn't .lit by design.

Blood Vengeance
2019-11-22 22:43:18

The author is MH. Unfortunately not always the result is satysfing, especially when it adds unnecessary red lights. Anyway best results are with base and runic/netherworld maps

2019-11-22 18:06:54

I discovered for myself absolutely perfect programm - WinMHColour (thanks to Blood Vengeance).
This little tool can make magic!
.lit gnerated for few second ( rare - minuts).
Now eweryone can colorise your favorite maps. It fast and easy.
Unfortunately, creator of this programm is not specified, so, please, credit it someone. …

2019-11-20 07:00:37

Thanks for feedback.
Colored lights looks awesome. Share it for community, it may be usefull!

Blood Vengeance
2019-11-19 15:26:29

Wow, that IKbase is beautiful. Here's how it looks on the map The Final Threat (the same you've taken the screenshot) with colored lights (.lit generated with WinMHColour) and higher resolution texture mega enforcer OfIX9nt.jpg

2019-11-18 11:28:58

IKBase HD textures v.2.0

Pack contains ALL textures from original ikbase.wad (by  Iikka "Fingers" Keränen),
and textures, based on it and modified by various mappers.

See readme for list of supported maps.

kRBamAY.jpg … UNyN0_VVzM
(200 Mb)

2019-10-27 15:22:34

Link fixed.

Blood Vengeance
2019-10-27 10:31:51

Is the link wrong? It's a 30 mb file, not 302

2019-10-26 14:59:10

RRP (R U B I C O N  R U M B L E  P A C K) Redux v.1.0

(RRP HD Textures ver.2.0)

Hrimfaxi, ijed, mfx

# Additionally pack conteins HD textures for

sm198_mug by Mugwump

XQa5cCT.jpg … zRW5em1zFf

(302 Mb)

2019-10-14 17:56:46

I tried to make Floyd HD skin for Rubicon2/RRP.

You might like it.

clIvqG8.jpg … 3J7_kSI5nj
(22 Mb)

2019-10-12 16:06:30

I very like QSS engine for all that can QS classic plus all, that can’t QS classic, but QSS do, especially for .pk3 and skin HD replacement for .mdl support. (I don’t really understand, why it two simply things still not realized in Quakespasm.)
   I want report/get help to fix one sadly bug in QSS:
On some maps models (monsters, ammo boxes, other entities) are stuck in ceiling and walls, or simply in air. Like this laser fences out of place on rub2m2 map:


Unexpected for myself, I found decision to solve it!
I just run QSS with

sv_protocol 999

Tested on Rubicon 2 and RRP and bug not happened.

Blood Vengeance
2019-10-08 09:37:11

Oh I like it even more, with that rusty look

2019-10-08 07:33:08

If You like new rubicon textures, You can also update textures for Bile Plant (warpb) of Warpspasm by Ijed.

Warpspasm by Ijed
HD textures update v.1.1

(updated to Rubicon textures v.2.0)

jA2EucZ.jpg … MmKAbEGqRn

(16 Mb)

2019-10-06 17:26:32

Rubicon One/Two Redux v.1.0


Please rename file



or in ...id1/textures/ folder


since 26 october already  fixed


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