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2021-07-29 17:51:28

As You may know here

or direct here

there a lot of lit-vis packs for many old sp campaign.

I discover QSS do not support external .vis files and You still had unvised maps.
QS classic do support them but on some special way:

Especially on maps with waterfalls.

Here some vised by me mappacks. It also contains proper .lits

Travail …

SOE (above mentioned on absolutely unaffected on my system) …

Remove all previously installed .lit and .vis files on this mods if exist.

2021-04-18 18:29:59

Yet another dog for any engine ;)

I found some weird (as for me) faceless rottmauler from Smej 2.
Once I discover from net reskinned dog with very close to rottmauler skin which have pretty face.
Author that skin someone Cujo from old 1999. 

rottmauler from Smej 2
P9kJf8G.jpg … sp=sharing

(80 kb)

2021-03-25 11:07:04

Quake: Harvester of Chaos (Demo)
by     Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Skin for Red Monster (for any engine)
Jk25i0a.jpg … sp=sharing

(220 kb)

2021-01-05 19:05:41

Hi all,

I played some custom quake maps with doom textures and there was old textures from DHTP pack for doom games. I made for me before time some doom textures in hd and I think fits better with other hd textures for quake than old dhtp textures. If someone want here is link but you must rename how you want for quake maps... … sp=sharing


2020-10-28 13:56:22

Thanks qazzaq, this texture seemed wrong.

2020-10-28 13:09:20

You did'nt miss anything. All textures on their responsible places.


2020-10-28 12:29:06

Hi qazzaq.
I used QRP Texturepacks for Quake and both MP1 and MP2 (id1 folder), all texturepacks for AD by Talisa from QuakeOne "Arcane Dimension -HD overhaul-" ( not available to me), most of your packs.
One texture is not correct(ad_chapters, ad_scastle):
What did I miss?
P.S Sorry for google translation.

2020-10-15 05:31:08

AD (Arcane Dimensions) v1.80
HD textures october 2020 ;) update.

Added missing HD textures for Two maps:

- start map           by Sock (Simon OCallaghan)
- ad_akalakha - Ak-Alakha   by Pulsar (Andrey Saenko)

start map by Sock

Ak-Alakha   by Pulsar
ajD6JoI.jpg … sp=sharing
(31 Mb)

2020-10-09 16:03:08

Sock Egypet HD textures
1.1 update

Added support for

Dwell (ep1)

D1m6 by Markie Music
Wm21KBt.jpg … sp=sharing
(4 Mb)

2020-09-06 07:17:49

sm210_markie (Cthalha's Chasm)
by Michael Markie (Markie Music) HD textures

aqDYm5q.jpg … sp=sharing
(4 Mb)

2020-08-20 13:57:12

Speedbase textures Redux
1.1 update

Added support for

Coppertone Summer Jam start map (ctsj_start)
by Comrade Beep
tWfcSvH.jpg … sp=sharing
(3 Mb)

2020-07-26 11:28:09

Quoffee Quake HD textures v.1.0

e1m3_hcm (The Platform 37) by Mazu (HCMazu)
uyghql7.jpg … sp=sharing
(93 Mb)


Those, who downloaded file during two hours after post, please move file
tech08_2.tga into folder \e1m5_fairweather

or just reload texturepack again.

2020-06-22 12:44:21

honey HD textures v.1.6 update.

Changed lights and windows, added few textures appeared in 196 speedmaps.

DHwIpqC.jpg … sp=sharing
(10 Mb)

2020-06-14 15:12:14
qazzaq wrote:

I wish You`l see it in white color too ;)

It works in white, but the dot irritated me a bit :D
I adjusted it for me. Again thank you fot those textures. I searched the whole internet :))))



2020-06-10 06:40:05

I wish You`l see it in white color too ;)

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