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2020-09-06 07:17:49

sm210_markie (Cthalha's Chasm)
by Michael Markie (Markie Music) HD textures

aqDYm5q.jpg … sp=sharing
(4 Mb)

2020-08-20 13:57:12

Speedbase textures Redux
1.1 update

Added support for

Coppertone Summer Jam start map (ctsj_start)
by Comrade Beep
tWfcSvH.jpg … sp=sharing
(3 Mb)

2020-07-26 11:28:09

Quoffee Quake HD textures v.1.0

e1m3_hcm (The Platform 37) by Mazu (HCMazu)
uyghql7.jpg … sp=sharing
(93 Mb)


Those, who downloaded file during two hours after post, please move file
tech08_2.tga into folder \e1m5_fairweather

or just reload texturepack again.

2020-06-22 12:44:21

honey HD textures v.1.6 update.

Changed lights and windows, added few textures appeared in 196 speedmaps.

DHwIpqC.jpg … sp=sharing
(10 Mb)

2020-06-14 15:12:14
qazzaq wrote:

I wish You`l see it in white color too ;)

It works in white, but the dot irritated me a bit :D
I adjusted it for me. Again thank you fot those textures. I searched the whole internet :))))



2020-06-10 06:40:05

I wish You`l see it in white color too ;)

2020-06-09 18:15:35
qazzaq wrote:

I never released this textures
Here is: … sp=sharing
(less 1 Mb)

Thank you very much !!!


2020-06-09 16:56:57

I never released this textures
Here is: … sp=sharing
(less 1 Mb)

2020-06-09 15:32:37

Hello all,

i am new here. I don't want to bother but I need help with rune textures in Arcane dimension in Start map. I tried all HD packs but runes are still low_res. I was try it fix  but name texture on all runes are same. Please Is somewhere pack with this runes in HD?


2020-06-06 10:02:18

Travail HD textures v. 1.2 update.

Updated medieval (Unreal based?) textures for second episode.

jfwIpAG.jpg … sp=sharing
(48 Mb)

2020-06-01 12:18:25

cr8 HD textures v.2.1 update

Added few textures appeared in warious maps.

ad_beep1m2 (The Lima Project) by Comrade Beep
GnHvQIz.jpg … sp=sharing
4 Mb

2020-05-31 07:00:35

Damn, and just when I thought my conspiranoic reasonings were destined for pristinatious perpetuity. ???

2020-05-30 12:11:53
Gypsy wrote:

@reason to change texture names

I wonder if it is so "HD" textures wont work with the map. If so, hat's hilariously evil.

Sorry to ruin your conspiranoic reasonings, but sometimes it is necessary for making a map work like for example when combining multiple texture sets in one map, so changing the name they have on the map can lead to several problems.

2020-05-30 10:16:55

Speedbase textures Redux
(speedbase HD textures v.2.0)

ad_tfuma (Terror Fuma) by Gavin Edgington/Eric Wasylishen

ad_beep1m1 (Deep Research) by Comrade Beep
jQVWPD7.jpg … sp=sharing
139 Mb

2020-05-17 07:38:14

ad_heresp1 (Oxyblack Fortress) by Heresy
HD Textures v.1.0

3rPv3FM.jpg … sp=sharing
20 Mb

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