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2020-11-19 07:00:27

NEW EPISODES … is-holden/

Chris Holden, lead level designer for 3DRealm's upcoming fantasy FPS Graven reveals how the team is using a blend of old and new technology to create the game. Chris discusses his start in the industry, his personal and professional journey so far, and much more.

Find Graven on Steam here:
And Chris online: … of-asgard/

ryanscissorhand's "Arms of Asgard" is an ambitious new "complete weapons conversion" mod for Quake, currently in beta for both single player and multiplayer. The mod dates back to the early 2000s and was completely re-imagined once ryanscissorhands re-discovered the Quake modding scene back in May of 2020. Ryan is also hosting a QuakeC tutorial series on Twitch and YouTube in addition to other projects both big and small. …

2020-10-09 02:08:43

Oh man so behind on posting links here!

Anyway here's episode 53: … irweather/

fairweather joins us in this episode to chat up the fantastic new multi-episode Quake project "Dwell." Among other things, we'll discuss why the team decided to embrace Copper for this project. Also, how the Quake community can learn a thing or two from the Doom community and a whole lot more!

Get Dwell Episode 1 here:


Danz modelling on Twitter:

Copper Mod (not required for Dwell):

Phasewarp mod: … 0804061184

Theme Music by Markie Music:

In the Keep podcast:

Quake Mapping on Discord:

2019-10-31 18:37:28

Episode 40!

Halloween Jam 2

2019-09-28 23:36:21
2019-09-06 00:27:52

ArrrCee and dumptruck discuss the future of the Quakecast

2019-07-25 17:26:12

Ep 34 Amazing FPS composer Andrew Hulshult … -composer/

2019-07-18 06:38:23
2019-07-12 17:16:03
2019-02-07 05:12:24
2019-01-24 18:30:12

Missed posting a few episodes here:

Ep 09 Daz!!
Ep10 ArrrCee and dumptruck Leading the Digital Life … ital-life/
Ep 11 FifthElephant … helephant/

2019-01-04 01:26:43
2018-12-27 19:36:43
2018-12-20 05:15:35

Episode 6 SleepwalkR

Hear how TrenchBroom got started and MUCH more.

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