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2023-02-02 21:36:54
Spirit wrote:

This map has received version 1.2. You need to overwrite this file or add to the description that a newer version of the map has appeared. There is a file of the first version on the forum.

As for the archives in 7z format, I just give a link to the source.

With best wishes.

2023-02-02 20:08:55

Uploaded: … 1/download -> 7z file, unfortunately we are still only with ZIP support :\ … 7/download -> filename exists already

2023-02-02 18:14:27

Map title: Io. Loki Patera
Author: Asl
Date: 02.02.23
Description: A huge meat industrial map with puzzles to gain access to a secret area (Difficult for me, but maybe not for other rangers).
Download  - post #701 (next page)
Screenshots - post #702 (next page)

P.S.: I am very glad that the author of this map lives in the same country as me. It just seemed to me that in my country people don't create maps for Quake. But I was wrong and that's good!

2023-02-02 15:58:10

Hurray! The second episode of Dwell has finally been released!

After two years in development, we hope it will have been worth the wait!

I will not spoiler and repeat myself. Everything is written in the link (overview / download): … 21/updates

P.S.: Done perfectly! And both episodes are in the same modification!

2023-01-28 09:09:54

iYago 27.01.23 updated its map called "What Lies Behind" to version 1.2.

Here is the link to the source (v.1.2): … 7/download

And this is a link to the first version of the map that is on this forum and that needs to be updated:

2023-01-20 17:10:02


2023-01-20 17:09:29
Pryanick wrote:

But what to do next?

Open a new thread to ask about it or comment on the map page. This thread is not for gameplay discussion.

2023-01-19 17:04:46

I'm stuck at Teuthis in this room.
Two doors do not open.
'Quake' button on the right is pressed.
But what to do next?

2023-01-14 19:03:18

Map title: Temple of Teuthis
Author: zbidou72
Date: 11.01.2023
Description: Large adventure map - update 3.

Version 2 of this map is available on the forum ( I recommend the administrator to update it.

Link: … 9/download

Screenshots: … uthis.179/

P.S.: The cardinally redesigned map of version 3 compared to version 2, it has become much more interesting and the completion point of the level has changed (or I just don't remember the original). But there are some texture errors: when you look from under the water, the textures of the back surface of the water are not visible in some places and it is unclear whether there is an air pocket or not. But these are just my quibbles. It turned out great.

2023-01-09 22:26:41



2023-01-09 00:06:02
qazzaq wrote:

Oh, my dear friend qwerty!
Just read first post and You can understand magic of How It Works ;)

Somehow I confused "" with "", so now I see where all those files were being uploaded. Mystery solved.

Thank you for pointing me out in the right direction, much appreciated. Cheers.

Alex Ros
2023-01-08 19:18:41

Thirteen Tombs of the Brilliant Dynasty

alexUnder Ros

Xmas 2022 Jam late entry. Large (around 30 minutes of playtime) medieval dark fantasy castle in frozen lands with haunted crypt. Tangibly harder than vanilla, but searching for secrets would make things drastically easier. NOTICE: It's recommended to play it first on Normal. Hard is intended for more challenging replay, when you know encounters setup and preferably already learned where the secrets are

REQUIREMENTS: latest Arcane Dimensions … th-patch-1

And here's the cover … _cover.png

THANKS to Spirit & RadiatorYang for holding the frontline!

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