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2019-05-28 17:32:24

Cool stuff, thanks! I was once trying to collect rips of all those cover discs... Would be ace if you could document what's on it and what is unique for Quake Wiki? :)

FYI you can browse iso files on by appending a slash to the initial iso URL:

2019-05-23 11:46:26

That's a great find. Thank you.

2019-05-21 19:44:55

Hey Kreathor..,

good catch!
Downloading now, thanks for sharing.
Will see through it.

For the funpart,not knowning if it's intentionally ment, here is the specific game file:

There's a lot of goodies also, good old dos progs, but let's say, for sofar.
Now anyone can easily pick out what they'll need.

2019-05-21 19:06:40

So I found this PC Gamer CD from November 1996 which has Quake maps and mods on it.
Idk maybe it's already archived, if not it would be good to archive it on Quaddicted(?) :)

What's on CD:
- 23 maps (~5 SP maps) including Jim Lowell's "Thresher" which is not available on quaddicted;
- ~70 mods (few duplicates) with sources;
- Quest Public Beta 1.041

Whole "story" with pictures is here: … 6067198976
Here is ISO of this CD someone uploaded:


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