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2019-11-23 01:31:57

Sorry that I never did the final update.

2019-11-22 13:33:08

NextGenQuake RIP

All data moved here:

2019-11-22 09:47:21

Any news?

2019-08-13 23:35:50

The entirety of NextGenQuake has been merged into another site. I can't say where or by whom yet, but it wont be long before I can. It will probably be a few more days, maybe a week. I was contacted directly a couple of weeks ago with the request for my entire site. In order to maintain the forum and allow NGQ users not to lose any of their work/time I agreed. Within those couple of weeks the entire site has been ported to different software and very little remains to complete the merge.

I will post here again when the merge is officially 100% complete.

2019-07-18 16:20:35

I rewrote, organized, formatted and corrected the entire "HD Textures For Sp Maps" original post. NextGenQuake might go off the air but I made sure this info wont. I kept the document very simple. It's just an html file with the stylesheet embedded in the head. No javascript, no images or media of any kind ... just titles and links.

Anyone/Everyone is welcome to use this html on their site and/or change it as they see fit. … HbzbMdajTX

2019-07-14 08:07:51

Heh, I didn't realise there was a little side club over here discussing this.

As far as files go: All of the texture packs are maintained by talisa through I believe torrents or dropbox. I have a few projects like (NGQTV, WadStudio, Meatz, etc) that I'd be interested in sending to the quaddicted file dump.

@aggressively blocked mirrors: Lol, I got pretty far on locking the site down. However, members can turn almost any page into a PDF. That was one of the very first plugins that I hacked for the site and turned into a user feature. Unfortunately, the HD textures thread is too large for the limits of the PDF plugin.

2019-06-09 17:41:28

I became member a few weeks ago, because I had some useful info for Latherforth.
Waited but didn't receive aprovall to access the site.
Contacted MadGypsy, but his attitude about the loss of intrest for the site has made him raged.
Tried to make him understand there are still a lot of people who care.
I think the effort he took to make it a good site has grieved him too much when nobody cares.
No way he will open the site again, although I kept asking him in a friendly way.

It is like working with Art, it takes a lot of energy ,
but don't complain if it fails to give the outcome you expected.

Blood Vengeance
2019-06-05 21:12:46

The HD texture topic still exist on quakeone, need only to update the links of new stuff.

2019-06-05 20:31:53

I looked at making an archive of the site but it aggressively blocks that. So...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It would be a shame to lose it, MadGypsy is such a talented and productive developer.
I'll gladly host whatever files there are!

Blood Vengeance
2019-06-05 11:02:31

It seems that is resurrecting and returning to the old website

2019-06-05 08:58:09

I only recently found out about Nextgenquake and the great HD textures that are hosted there, and unfortunately learned that the whole site (and then some) is shutting down in November.

Having picked up Quake again only a year ago (and very glad I did), I missed quite a few mods and textures that don't seem to be available anywhere --- all links I find are now dead. It would be a shame to let those textures packs go to waste, and given that a few enhanced skins and textures are already available here for some maps these packs would seem to fit the scope of the website.

Would Quaddicted's admins be interested in hosting these textures (if their authors agree)?

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