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2019-09-19 21:33:04

You should just rewrite the whole site from scratch, Spirit. I could help you in every language with modern approaches, and hang the whole thing out in probably a week.

Your reply box is borked on mobile in portrait mode. Text is like 60 px and bleeds past the on/off indicators.

You'll spin your wheels forever putting Band-Aids on this site. Just start over. It's not a big deal. It's probably thousands of lines less than what you already have.

2019-09-17 21:39:20

Great, thank you!

2019-09-17 20:20:47
2019-09-17 08:21:52

Some problems have appeared yesterday. It started with a nice surprise: I had 1341 releases left to rate, whereas the day before I "only" had 1103 of them. But then I clicked on a few of them and there are some oddities:

- my ratings are remembered and so are the distributions obtained from the ratings of other users, but the page displays "0/5 with ratings"
- the title of the page no longer shows correctly (e.g. ".zip" instead of "")
- author information and release dates are gone

This is true for all pages I checked.

2019-08-05 20:59:59

This is the new setup, yay!

2019-08-04 15:54:21

I will set the database to read-only for now, trying to fix the problem today.

2019-08-02 21:00:39

Due to some Linux ( … g/1811248) issues, Quaddicted will be up and down these days as I try to find a fix or workaround. Bleh. … 3047#p3047 ff please.

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