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2020-01-31 17:55:02


Many thanks for the welcome.

That is very strange how Quake I has more of a following, I mean both are really good games and I love them both. Never really bothered with Quake III and I only got to play Quake 4 about 5 years ago, it was not bad but not as addictive as Quake I/II.

I used to use Worldcraft and moved over to the editor in Half-Life II/Left 4 dead but have recently been drawn back to Quake.

Recently started using JACK as an editor, which I like but might try the other one.

2020-01-27 10:09:53

Welcome, Delabane,

Unfortunately there is not much in the way of an equivalent to Quaddicted for Quake 2, but you can check first these links.

Second, the community for Quake 2 is spread too thin and unactive lately, but the main places are:

And to finish, if you are rusty around Quake 2 mapping and want to come back to it, you may want to check first

2020-01-26 11:25:37


Well recently got back into Quake and level Editing. For me, the original Quake was one of the most influential FPS and it is very nostalgic. when I got it back at the end of 1996 I got into level editing for a good few years making Quake, Quake II and Half-Life levels (never completed them though). I know its a good 20 years since Quake's "Heyday" and there are not the amount of sites as there were 15+ years ago.

I am very glad to have found this site though. I have a question, is there also an equivalent for Quake II? I fancy making levels for both games.


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