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2020-03-27 03:29:45

Thanks for the input. I know Quakespasm seems to be the most stable platform that supports the Omicron bots, and would almost certainly work well with Windows  8 or 10. It won't work as a server due to it's poor packet handling, in internet multiplayer. DirectQ has a good packet handling routine, supports the Omicrons, and now I have some confirmation that it will also work with Windows 10. It appears that the ideal scenario is a DirectQ server, and Quakespasm "joiners," if the Omicron bots option is used. I am experimenting with DirectQ 1.9. I read that 1.8.8 is the most stable build. I appreciate the replies!

2020-03-26 13:54:49

Windows 10 supports DirectX 9 out of the box and it works just fine. There was a DirectQ 2.0 test build that uses DirectX 11 but it was unstable.

DirectQ works fine but a word of warning if you're using multiple extended displays. Make sure you disconnect all except your primary display because it can get stuck on a black screen with no way of getting out of it even if you CTRL+ALT+DEL or ALT-F4. If it gets stuck, physically unplugging any secondary monitors can usually knock the display back to normal. This has happened with 3 separate computers running Windows 10 and multiple monitors.

Not sure if that's a problem with Win7 though.

2020-03-25 21:31:54

I got my version from a mega link quite some time ago, and it works on my Windows 10 PC nearly flawlessly.

2020-02-25 17:50:52

Does anyone here have Q1 experience with a later DirectQ version and Directx9, using the windows 8 and/or 10 platform? I know this is very stable in windows 7 pro, but since 8 and 10 came out after they stopped developing DirectQ, I have no clue as to this combo. Also, this may need Directx10 instead of 9 to function.  Any feedback here is appreciated. Thanks!

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