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2020-04-02 19:35:08

Linux? Make sure your filNAmE case matches.

2020-03-25 03:59:40

That error always came up at the end of the compile, on my new large map. Never figured it out, and it doesn't seem to matter.

2020-03-23 09:34:48

Unless you provide it with complete file path, it's looking for the map in the current working directory. Change directory / copy the map file / use a GUI.

2020-03-22 19:30:14

I try to compile my Quake level and this happens:

Copying Files...
The system cannot find the file specified.
Converting map...
---- qbsp / ericw-tools v0.18.1 ----
Input file:
Output file: Test.bsp

---- LoadMapFile ----
************ ERROR ************
Failed to open No such file or directory
---- vis / ericw-tools v0.18.1 ----
usage: vis [-threads #] [-level 0-4] [-fast] [-v|-vv] [-credits] bspfile
---- light / ericw-tools v0.18.1 ----
usage: light [options] mapname.bsp

Performance options:
  -threads n          set the number of threads
  -extra              2x supersampling
  -extra4             4x supersampling, slowest, use for final compile
  -gate n             cutoff lights at this brightness level
  -sunsamples n       set samples for _sunlight2, default 64
  -surflight_subdivide  surface light subdivision size

Output format options:
  -lit                write .lit file
  -onlyents           only update entities

Postprocessing options:
  -soft [n]           blurs the lightmap, n=blur radius in samples

Debug modes:
  -dirtdebug          only save the AO values to the lightmap
  -phongdebug         only save the normals to the lightmap
  -bouncedebug        only save bounced lighting to the lightmap
  -surflight_dump     dump surface lights to a .map file
  -novisapprox        disable approximate visibility culling of lights

Experimental options:
  -lit2               write .lit2 file
  -lmscale n          change lightmap scale, vanilla engines only allow 16
  -lux                write .lux file
  -bspxlit            writes rgb data into the bsp itself
  -bspx               writes both rgb and directions data into the bsp itself
  -novanilla          implies -bspxlit. don't write vanilla lighting

Overridable worldspawn keys:
  -dist [n]
  -range [n]
  -anglescale [n] | -anglesense [n]
  -gamma [n]
  -addmin [0,1]
  -light [n] | -minlight [n]
  -minlight_color [n n n] | -mincolor [n n n]
  -spotlightautofalloff [0,1]
  -dirt [0,1] | -dirty [0,1]
  -dirtmode [n]
  -dirtdepth [n]
  -dirtscale [n]
  -dirtgain [n]
  -dirtangle [n]
  -minlight_dirt [0,1]
  -phong [0,1]
  -bounce [0,1]
  -bouncestyled [0,1]
  -bouncescale [n]
  -bouncecolorscale [n]
  -sunlight [n]
  -sunlight_color [n n n]
  -sun2 [n]
  -sun2_color [n n n]
  -sunlight2 [n]
  -sunlight2_color [n n n] | -sunlight_color2 [n n n]
  -sunlight3 [n]
  -sunlight3_color [n n n] | -sunlight_color3 [n n n]
  -sunlight_dirt [n]
  -sunlight2_dirt [n]
  -sunlight_mangle [n n n] | -sun_mangle [n n n]
  -sun2_mangle [n n n]
  -sunlight_penumbra [n]
The system cannot find the file specified.
The system cannot find the file specified.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Press any key to continue . . .

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