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2020-09-14 20:48:05

Only had this problem on FTE, with 44100 mp3s and 48000 frequency set in-game. Setting it to 44100 fixed the problem, but this could depend on OS/drivers. Dozens of other ports work fine for me. Don't forget to restart the sound (or the game) to test your changes cleanly.

2020-09-14 16:43:19

About a minute into the first level of Quake I get a ringing sound which is very high pitched. I've tested it on multiple engines and file formats but it still occurs. It doesn't occur when I open the track in a separate player. I've also tried changing the sndspeed on engines that have the command to 44100 and 48000 and that hasn't helped. I've tested it on Mark Fitzquake on both hardware and software, quakespasm and sdl12, and qbism super 8 which has been the only one that doesn't have the ringing. I only hear it on E1M1. Has anyone else noticed this?

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