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2020-11-29 13:36:49

That happened to me earlier tonight and I thought I had accidently loaded an old save and then saved over my actual save. I couldn't tell if that's what I had done or if it was meant to do that. Weird.

2020-11-12 11:36:00

You can actually see it in the BSP itself:
"classname" "trigger_changelevel"
"map" "e1m2"
"model" "*54"

I have created a small patch which you can just drop into your AD folder if you are using Quakespasm or QSS (it's in PK3 format).

Download ENT patch for AD_S1M1 (7 KB)

All this is basically doing is to change the above code part to
"classname" "trigger_changelevel"
"map" "ad_chapters"
"model" "*54"

It seems this is intended behavior, however. Not a bug. You are supposed to go to E2M2 for some reason.

2020-11-08 15:21:13

lol, got no idea about that command. Thanks, man!

2020-11-08 15:16:55
changelevel ad_chapters

in console

2020-11-08 15:01:53

So.. basically what the title says. I'm playing through Arcane Dimensions (And having a blast) and I'm at the ending of Slipgate Conudrum (ad_s1m1) but I've found that instead of moving you to the "Lost chapters" map hub (ad_chapters, IIRC) or the original map selection screen, it takes you to the second level of the original quake.

So... do I have any option to "move back" to the chapter selection screen without losing my progress? I know I can just do "map ad_chapters", but the runes are lost (Yeah, impulse 11) and "worse", the "chapter complete" thingies will also be lost.

I've also tried some tools to edit the original file that I found this thread, but using things like bsputil does not work either (I'm using the latest quakespasm spiked).

So, any idea besides loading an older (quite old) save file?

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