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Jack Sparks
2021-02-23 18:10:56

I'm not actually sure but what I did was I downloaded the latest java from the official site an sorta created a separate folder on the desktop. then I extracted the the files onto that folder and double clicked on the jar file. maybe it was the version of java that was the problem?

Here's where I got it from: … loads.html

2021-02-23 17:55:04

I've had pretty consistent "Failed to fetch current database" errors that haven't stopped QI functioning, so the parsing may be the issue.

2021-02-23 16:13:01

How? Did you change anything on your end? The info might help other users :)

Jack Sparks
2021-02-23 15:09:31

I got it working! Finally! Thanks!

2021-02-23 10:52:17

I posted a new version for testing:

2021-02-23 10:48:08

Hm, is some firewall blocking it maybe? It should work 24/7 ;)

Jack Sparks
2021-02-23 06:12:14

not now I'm afraid. is there a certain time I'm supposed to use it?

2021-02-22 18:04:59

No, that is an error on our end. Sorry about that. Does it work now?

Jack Sparks
2021-02-22 16:12:39

is the the quake injector no long supported? I tried to load maps and and load in the info but all I get was "Failed to fetch current database" warning and "database parsing failed". was i supposed to install something or what?

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