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2021-06-21 17:09:41

@OleBumma, yeah, that worked. Played through whole Episode 2 on Hard. Not much difference, except there are no Rotfish and a few monster placements and itmes here and there were changed later I think (also no Well of Wishes in Crypt of Decay, since it's in START actually). The uncut E2M6 is nothing special really, but that little swamp cave intro area sure is nice, and is much easier on a continuous playthrough.

Regarding that, I also recently wondered why they had this "self-imposed 1.4MB limit", as I posted on func_msgboard:

Recently I revisited the BETA3 pre-release version of Quake which was dated June 11th, 1996 - which is just one month (!) before the actual release of the full "registered" version of the game, as well as listening to some of Romero's Quake 'post-mortems'.

Among other things, BETA3 version still has the full E2M6, which is 1.512.984 bytes in size. The next biggest map in the PAKs is E4M7 with 1.498.800 bytes. But neither of them would fit on 1.44MB floppy drive, which Romero stated several times was their self-imposed size limit "to keep the game at reasonable size".

In the final version E4M7 has a size of 1.495.232, which is like 3KB less than it was in BETA3, and it still would not fit on the 3.5" floppy.

And why "keep game at reasonable size" approach? It's not like they were selling the full version on floppy drives anyway. Maybe BSPs bigger than ~1.44MB were causing other technical problems in the original DOS Quake? Then again, original uncut E2M6 isn't that much bigger.

I Like Quake
2021-06-21 15:42:27


Tried it. Definitely better than going through DosBox with the original .exe.

2021-06-20 12:10:03

Beta 3 works quite alright on the reQuiem engine.

2021-06-19 05:19:13
triple_agent wrote:

All in all, I would expect for a vore projectile - any related amount of them, if persisting - to explode once the vore has been defeated.

The vore projectile behavior (among various other small but very cool tweaks) was changed a bit in Copper mod:

Vore missiles have been given a limited turn rate. They will still follow the player aggressively, but sidestepping them is now a skill-based option to buy a few seconds of safety before they loop around again (or to swing them into walls or other targets). Their maneuverability is reduced once their parent Vore has been killed, providing the player another option for shaking them that encourages staying in combat rather than fleeing.

2021-06-19 03:43:09

All in all, I would expect for a vore projectile - any related amount of them, if persisting - to explode once the vore has been defeated.

2021-05-29 07:37:58

This BETA/Pre-Release isn't that different. In Episode 3 the secret level is Wind Tunnels, while Haunted Halls is in normal level order. Also, Dismal Oubliette has the original beginning with the swamp area that Romero had to cut. I think Satan's Dark Delight is incomplete - it has exit portal gate right in front of player's start and also some section is missing water (but has Vores) and the ending area with lava also is missing a few things and an exit.

Another difference is of course the earlier End level, and like I said it looks very Sandy Petersen style. I wonder who did this one. Somebody ask Romero on twitter or something.

I Like Quake
2021-05-28 12:06:38

Managed to up the graphics a little bit with "vid_mode 10".
Survived the level, got all 15 kills. Quite easy now.
When I was a kid I would be baffled by all the monsters firing from above, especially the vores, and the fiends running around.

I Like Quake
2021-05-28 11:51:07

Thanks. Did the same and it worked. I don't know what it didn't like the first time.
Is it possible to increase the resolution?, I don't see an option.

2021-05-28 10:07:17

I just tried it and it works...

I put the contents of that zip into D:\QPre folder, then in DOSBox I use




I Like Quake
2021-05-28 09:30:51

When I try to run the Beta3 version through DosBox I get the following error message:

end_of_mem= 1122300
malloc'd: 14647296
FindFile: can't find pop.txt
Playing shareware version.
Error: W_LoadWadFile: couldn't load gfx.wad

But the file pop.txt and gfx.wad are in the pack. I even extracted the pack contents. Still, same message.

Anybody know a fix?

2021-05-28 02:35:58

@'I Like Quake', I believe our discussion is fruitless.

I Like Quake
2021-05-27 15:38:28


I don't see how one would go about making such an association, given that the characters reside on opposite sides of the good-evil narrative axis. One could draw out antithetical parallels between the two characters though, as a literary exercise.

I have not. I never even got around to trying out Nine Inch Nails.

2021-05-27 14:49:05

You could also associate Shub-Niggurath with Christ, but approach it in more phenomenological perspective.

Speaking of the 'Quake' vibes, oscillating more around the 'Nine Inch Nails' soundtrack this time, have you ever listened to 'Suicide Commando', particularly the 'Mindstrip' album?

For the "He/She" thing, in particular regarding acts physiologically impossible, it underscores the metaphysical nature of relation.

I Like Quake
2021-05-27 13:25:51

I love Manson, never connected him to Shub-Niggurath though, but now that you mention it, it indeed works:
his noir Antichrist Superstar video really works with the Lovecraftian atmosphere of an eternally vegetating Shub-Nigurrath in the desolate winds of Quake; at the end of the video you can see Manson just stagnating there, half body in some kind of cocoon, moving his left arm in undulating loops, like Shub-Niggurath moves her tentacles, and you can also hear in the video the melodic gloomy tune of an otherwordly desolate wind; all this creates the feeling of an evil vegetating for all eternity.

But the band I constantly associate with Quake is HIM. Everytime I listen to, say, Death Is In Love With Us, I go back to Quake. Sometimes, after I'd have cleared an area, I would just walk around, look around, feel the gloom, the desolateness, the eternal, the old, rusty, moldy, rotten, forgotten places of Quake, and just vibe. I'd admire the lighting or gaze at the purple sky (like in the Evanescence song, Imaginary). Then, when I'd listen to HIM, I'd remember those places, and vibe even more.

I tried to play the Beta3 version with Mark V, won't work; neither with Quakespasm: obsolete version number and .dat file. So, Gila was right, you'd have to go to something like DosBox if you wanna play. Would be nice if somebody remade the end map.

2021-05-27 03:00:31

I am not being a particular follower of the 'Marilyn Manson', even though their 'Holy Wood' album, was kind of my good introduction into the darker vibes of the music and consequently, the sense of existence, in own manner. The song from that album - 'In the Shadow of the Valley of Death' - resonates in my mind with those lyrics, perhaps related to the late theme of this topic, perhaps not:

she puts the seeds in me
plant this dying tree
she's a burning string
and I'm just the ashes

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