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Clancy McFancy
2022-02-02 09:40:01

I'm probably too late to ask this, but could this possibly be made to support SiN somehow? They both have the same engine. Theoretically, what would I have to do?

2021-10-09 05:37:59
NoNameUser wrote:

That's a bummer. What source port would you recommend then?

Did you try "patch 3.24" by 'Knightmare'? It pretty much is vanilla 'Quake 2'.

"Yamagi" is a nice sourceport, rather singleplayer-inclined. For multiplayer, you would probably want something else, like "Q2PRO". These are the names I recall, even though the landscape in this regard, could have changed nowadays; not that my information, is bulletproof anyway.

2021-10-08 17:40:35

That's a bummer. What source port would you recommend then?

2021-10-08 08:23:06

I don't know. It depends on the savegame format of KMQuake2. The original game versions 3.15 and 3.19 save games with different dataset lengths. If KMquake2 is using one of these 2 dataset lengths, it should work for the respective campaign(s).

Took a look at the KMQuake2 project. I think it is unlikely it is compatible with the randomizer.

2021-10-08 03:31:02

Pretty good reason to play Quake II after so long. Can it be run on KMQuake2?

2021-10-06 19:06:26

After digging out my old Q2 Campaign Randomizer, I thought it would be nice to upload it somewhere, which is here:

The thing requires 2 installs of Quake 2, version 3,15 and 3.19 since the 2 parts of the Mod were made years apart.

What it does: Randomizes most monsters and pickups based on an INI file that allows to adjust the chances for each item and a few other things.
It greatly improves Quake 2 replayability, since you will not find any campaign game to be like the other. I played the campaigns a hundred times at least. And you can make the game harder (or more easy ).

It works by modding pre-saved games of a modified series of campaign maps.

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