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2021-10-12 07:26:13
Spirit wrote:

Review page is average, map list is described on

Bayesian average - seems like deeper bottoms; higher peaks.

Anyway, when I was personally wondering about how ratings work between the subject website and the list outcome, I came to conclusion there must be some offset or ballast - lowering the list outcome - in case of low amount of votes received; especially visible with fresh maps. Which means, if the subject website shows perfect five, with very few votes in the pool, the list outcome, would show a rating of - say - three; as if the low amount of votes, was a strong negative vote itself. Apparently, it must have been something else, contributing to my impression of this; the difference, between accounting of averages, such as 'Spirit' explained.

By the way, very good question, @'GenericJohnDoe'.

2021-10-12 07:07:08

Review page is average, map list is described on

2021-10-11 22:49:28

Addition: It seems that the map list is the one with the kinda correct ratings, I gave copper a 5 star rating (deserved, was entertained) and the map list added 0.03 points or so, while the review page rating stayed static.

2021-10-11 22:31:55

I have a question about the ratings of the maps list and the reviews to which said map list links:
Which one of the ratings is the correct one?

As Example: Star Monstrosity, on the list 3.91 (23 ratings) but in the review 4.3 (23 ratings)

Which rating reflects the current, actual rating?

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