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2021-10-12 18:58:06

U inspired me, I downloaded Dimension of the Boomed, played 2 levels and... wow, just wow. Top tier megawad IMHO. Not all enemies sprites sit with me, but, so far, it's great fun, and brutal difficulty.

2021-10-12 08:54:18

I have not been a major 'Doom' follower, nor any particular 'Doom' player in my life. My origins and my childhood, is 'Wolfenstein 3D', to be exact. Nonetheless, my fascination with the 'Doom' franchise, was 'Doom 3' - probably due to how much closer towards the spiritual lineage of 'Quake 2', it appeared to me. Personally, I feel that John Carmack, could be pretty much proud of 'idTech4', from a technological perspective, at least.

Speaking of the classics, I like one 'Doom' sourceport, entitled Doom Retro. Have you heard about it? It is in the vanilla-style vein of "Chocolate Doom", albeit does not shy away from proposing reasonable improvements.

Unfortunately, the sourceport, is compatible exclusively with 'Windows' OS, for the time being.

For the other sourceports, I admit to not have given them too much of attention; they all seem somewhat bizarre to myself. For the famous "GZDoom", it seems such an puzzle with all the convoluted option lists, that it makes one feel lost just by looking at it. This, is perhaps also the reason, why did I sympathize with 'Quakespasm' - it has just the right amount of stuff, respectful to the original, without being too ideological about it.

Getting back to the topic; for the experience in "Doom Retro", I recommend a mod, entitled Vanilla Brutal Doom. It is an adaptation of "Brutal Doom" weapons to vanilla 'Doom' framework.

Do you know of any vanilla or "boom"-compatible maps for 'Doom', that could be a worthwhile subject study for a statistical 'Quake' mapper?

These megawads, sit on my flashdrive - waiting for a day when the old ones wake up - to be given a try; know any from among such titles already?

* UAC Ultra
* Dimension of the Boomed
* Sunlust
* Combat Shock 2
* Preacher

I do not remember, why I chose these specifically, but I did some research, based on "Cacowards".

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