#1 2022-05-27 18:54:13


Additional character colors?

What options are available to have additional multiplayer character colors in Quake?
Like black? Is there a different source port that offers it?

Thank you.

Covered in gibs,

#2 2022-05-28 11:44:04


Re: Additional character colors?

FTE allows 24bit RGB colours eg:
color 0x00FF00 0x000000
for a green upper colour and pure black lower colour
(without the 0x part, it'll be interpreted as one of quake's regular 14 colour options)

whether other clients support it or not is a different matter... On the plus side, you can set the enemycolor and/or teamcolor cvars to force the colours of other players with whatever 0xRRGGBB values you want without having to worry about protocols/etc.

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