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Alternate models for Progs_dump_3.0.0 and ALKALINE_1.2 (rev.1.0)

Version 1.0 from 09.12.22
(it works stably on the "QSS 0.94.0" engine and higher)

As you know, I don't really like the standard models of the game, especially since a lot of modifications have appeared and a remake of the game with improved models has been released. And now, great developers such as dumptruck and the Alkaline team have updated their modifications to new versions 3.0.0 and 1.2 (still pre-release). Because of this, I adapted some models and picked up HD textures for them.

To fully replace all models, you need to copy the files to the "ID1" folder, and if you want to use only models from modifications, then just copy the files from the "progs_dump_v" folders.2.0+3.0" and "Alkaline_v.1.2" with the replacement of the original ones to where they are used (for example, these halyards are used in the "parallax" and "sewerjam2" cards).

In the "ID1" folder, most of the models from "Q2021" were used, as well as boxes and first aid kits were replaced.

In the folder "progs_dump_v.2.0+3.0" replaced models of ogre (Q2021 and Q1.5 - of your choice), soldier (Q2021), hell knight (Chillo), their heads with new skins, nails, pick-up weapons, etc., as well as replaced ammo boxes and medkits. Also in this folder there are files for compatibility with version 2.0.0.

In the folder "Alkaline_v.1.2" replaced models of ogre (Q1.5), dog (Q2021), knight (Copper), hell knight (Chillo), demon (Chillo), their heads with new skins, armor, nails, pick-up weapons, etc., as well as replaced ammo+explode boxes and medkits. Fixed the hell knight's head to a bloody helmet.

New decal and explosion effects (in the AD style) have also been added to all folders, transparency of liquids has been added and shadows from flying objects have been removed.

Note: If on some maps of the game there will be an offset of HD textures on some models of weapons or keys, then just rename these textures or delete them.

Download link: … share_link

Screenshot (Alkaline_v.1.2): … sp=sharing
Screenshot (progs_dump_v.2.0+3.0): … sp=sharing

With best wishes,
Andrew (Ash1980)

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